3D Tissue Models
9th Annual Conference E U R OT I D E S 2008
Georg-Glock Strasse
Strasse 20,
Dusseldorf, Germany D-40474
Georg-Glock Strasse
Informa Life Sciences
9th Annual Conference E U R OT I D E S
Georg-Glock Strasse
Strasse 20,

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, December 1, 2008
08:45:00 Registration and Coffee
08:45:00 Workshop W: Tools for a Start- Up Company- How to Take a Product Through to Development
09:30:00 Registration and Coffee Susan Srivatsa,
09:35:00 Setting the business up – getting started Michael McLean,
10:10:00 Morning Tea and Coffee
10:45:00 Quality assurance - Considerations for start-up’s Gillian Sandilands,
11:25:00 Effective CMC development in a virtual environment Susan Srivatsa,
12:00:00 Lunch
13:30:00 IP rights: Getting off on the right foot Lorna Brazell,
14:05:00 Regulatory challenges of a small company Stefan Blesse,
14:40:00 Afternoon Coffee break and Registration for the Site Visit
Tuesday, December 2, 2008
09:00:00 Registration and Morning Coffee
09:05:00 “20 years of oligonucleotide drug development - what do we have to show?” Arthur M. Krieg
09:45:00 Opportunities and challenges of developing peptide drugs in the pharmaceutical industry Waleed Danho,
10:20:00 Oligonucleotides in RNA Interference: New developments for application. Fritz Eckstein,
10:55:00 Morning Tea, Coffee and Exhibition/Poster Viewing Time sponsored by:
11:30:00 "TRACK 1: Research and Development of Oligonucleotides and Peptides"
11:30:00 TRACK 1: Immune activation by DNA and RNA, implications for hybridization-based oligo(ribo)nucleotide therapies Jörg Vollmer,
11:30:00 TRACK 2:
11:30:00 "TRACK 2: Challenges with Manufacturing and Regulatory Challenges for Oligonucleotides and Peptides"
11:30:00 TRACK 2: Recent advancements in the preparative purification of aptamers Paul J. Hatala,
12:00:00 TRACK 1: Self-inactivation of HIV by its own RT/RNase H Karin Moelling
12:00:00 TRACK 2: Spotlight Presentation
12:00:00 TRACK 2: The integration of statistics tools and high-throughput analysis techniques in oligonucleotide API development and manufacture Paul McCormac
12:30:00 TRACK 1: UNA (Unlocked Nucleic Acid) – A tool for improved RNAi applications
12:30:00 TRACK 2: Impact of sequence diversity on large scale manufacturing of RNA-based therapeutics Tadeusz K. Wyrzykiewicz,
13:00:00 TRACK 1: Spotlight Presentation
13:00:00 TRACK 2: latest developments in the industry.
13:30:00 TRACK 1: Lunch and Exhibition/Poster Viewing Time
13:30:00 Lunch and Poster/Exhibition Viewing Time
14:30:00 TRACK 2: latest developments in the industry.
14:30:00 TRACK 1: Towards PNA and Peptide-PNA conjugates as therapeutics Michael J Gait,
15:00:00 TRACK 1: Carbohydrate solid phase synthesis – An opportunity for nucleic acid targeting? Peter Seeberger
15:00:00 TRACK 2: Low-cost industrial chemo-enzymatic synthesis of oligopeptides and Cterminal thioesters and arylamides thereof Quirinus B. Broxterman
15:30:00 TRACK 2: How does chemistry make nucleic acids more potent, useful and affordable? Sergei M. Gryaznov,
15:30:00 TRACK 1: Combinatorial approaches for the design of antiviral drugs: RNA as a target Jean-Jacques Toulmé,
16:00:00 TRACK 1: Afternoon Tea and Coffee with Exhibition/Poster Viewing Time sponsored by:
16:30:00 TRACK 1: Peptides tailored to interfere with protein interaction and function Karen M Arndt
17:00:00 TRACK 1: Combination approaches to inhibit ongoing coxsackievirus B3 infection in human myocardial fibroblast cell line Jens Kurreck
17:00:00 TRACK 2: Process development for large scale manufacturing of peptide APIs Oleg Werbitzky,
17:30:00 TRACK 2: End of Day One followed by Drinks Reception in the Exhibition Hall
17:30:00 TRACK 1: End of Day One followed by Drinks Reception in the Exhibition Hall
Wednesday, December 3, 2008
08:30:00 TRACK 2: Regulatory and Analytical Strategies of Oligonucleotides and Peptides
08:30:00 TRACK 1: Morning Tea and Coffee
08:30:00 "TRACK 1: Pre-Clinical and Clinical Development of Oligonucleotides and Peptides"
08:30:00 TRACK 2: Morning Tea and Coffee
09:00:00 TRACK 2: Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
09:00:00 TRACK 1: Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
09:05:00 TRACK 2: European regulatory perspective on oligonucleotides and peptides René Thürmer
09:05:00 TRACK 1: Antisense oligonucleotide GED-0301 against Smad7 for the oral treatment of Crohn’s disease Francesca Viti,
09:35:00 TRACK 1: Locked Nucleic Acid: New concepts for single stranded RNA Inhibition Troels Koch,
09:35:00 TRACK 2: Update on the review of oligonucleotide products by regulatory agencies: An industry perspective Susan Srivatsa,
10:05:00 TRACK 2: Morning Tea, Coffee and Exhibition/Poster Viewing Time sponsored by:
10:05:00 TRACK 1: Morning Tea, Coffee and Exhibition/Poster Viewing Time sponsored by:
10:45:00 TRACK 1: Development of Atu027, an siRNA-lipoplex targeting PKN3 expression, for therapy in oncology Jörg Kaufmann,
10:45:00 TRACK 2: Evaluation of the impact of the variables related to thermal melt temperature determination by UV spectroscopy Judy Carmody,
11:15:00 TRACK 1: AL-108: Case study for an intranasal peptide in Alzheimer’s disease Richard Morimoto,
11:15:00 The role of analytical chemistry in oligonucleotide process development Daniel Capaldi,
11:45:00 TRACK 2: Analysis of peptides in GMP environments Juergen Gerhardt,
11:45:00 TRACK 1: Development of a novel RNAi therapeutics platform Pamela A. Pavco,
12:15:00 TRACK 2: Spotlight Presentation
12:15:00 TRACK 1: Spotlight Presentation
12:45:00 TRACK 2: Lunch and Exhibition/ Poster Viewing Time
12:45:00 TRACK 1: Lunch and Exhibition/ Poster Viewing Time
14:00:00 TRACK 1: MicroRNA manipulation as a therapeutic strategy for cardiovascular disease William S. Marshall,
14:00:00 TRACK 2: Liposomal carriers of oligonucleotides: Dynamic Shape Theory guides efficacy and provides a rational for screening and optimisation Steffen Panzner,
14:00:00 TRACK 2: Challenges and Strategies for Peptide and Oligonucleotide Delivery
14:30:00 TRACK 2: Delivery opportunities and challenges on the pathway to siRNA therapeutics Michael V. Templin,
14:30:00 TRACK 1: LNA oligonucleotides as RNA antagonists for the control of cancer Lee Greenberger,
15:00:00 TRACK 1: Afternoon Tea and Coffee with Exhibition/Poster Viewing Time sponsored by:
15:00:00 TRACK 2: Afternoon Tea and Coffee with Exhibition/Poster Viewing Time sponsored by:
15:30:00 TRACK 1: Preclinical development of the anti-CCL2 Spiegelmer NOX-E36 Sven Klussmann,
15:30:00 TRACK 2: Delivering RNAi therapeutics using chemistry Muthiah Manoharan,
16:00:00 TRACK 1: Antiviral MonoLex aptamers Andreas Kage,
16:00:00 TRACK 2: Preclinical pharmacology of a SNALP delivered siRNA-based therapy for cancer and metabolic disease Ian MacLachlan
16:30:00 TRACK 1: End of Conference
16:30:00 TRACK 2: Cellular and intracellular delivery of functional siRNA: A quantitative view on new biology and systems to study major technical hurdles Georg Sczakiel,
17:00:00 TRACK 2: End of Conference
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