5th RNA Metabolism in Neurological Disease Conference
Paradise Point

San Diego , United States
5th RNA Metabolism in Neurological Disease Conference

Elsevier Ltd


Paradise Point

San Diego  

United States

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, November 1, 2018
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
07:30:00 Morning Coffee available | Sunset Pavilion South
07:30:00 Registration │ Room: Sunset Foyer
08:00:00 Welcoming Remarks
08:15:00 Session 1: Aberrant translation and neurological disease DC Zarnescu
08:45:00 Diverse biology of tRNA-derived small non-coding RNAs Paul J. Anderson
10:30:00 Multiple roles of nuclear import receptors in protein aggregation diseases
11:15:00 ADAR2 mislocalization and widespread RNA editing aberrations in C9orf72 mediated ALS
11:30:00 The RNA binding protein Zfp106 protects against neurotoxicity caused by C9orf72 GGGGCC repeats
11:45:00 Lunch & Poster Session 1 | Sunset Pavilion South
14:00:00 Session 3: RNA-binding protein metabolism and neurodegeneration
14:00:00 Formation and spreading of TDP-43 pathology in animal models Virginia Lee
14:30:00 Working with mouse models to understand ALS and then move into translation Elizabeth Fisher
15:00:00 Activity-dependent TDP43 accumulation in iPSC-derived neuron models of ALS
15:15:00 Structural and functional MRI reveals cerebellar and frontal cortical deficits in the TDP-43Q331K knock-in mouse model of ALS-FTD
15:30:00 Refreshment break
16:00:00 0 Session 4: RNA-protein assemblies and neurological disease
16:00:00 Amyloid-like TDP-43 myo-granules associate with sarcomeric RNAs during skeletal muscle formation Roy Parker
16:30:00 RNA binding proteins as engineers of neuronal health Gene yeo
17:00:00 RNA aggregation in repeat expansion disorders
17:15:00 Optogenetic enhancement of TDP-43 intermolecular interaction triggers its cytoplasmic mislocalization and inhibits axon outgrowth of spinal motor neurons
17:30:00 Welcome Reception | Sunset Terrace
Friday, November 2, 2018
06:00:00 Photokinetic modulation of TDP-43 proteinopathy reveals mechanism of pathogenic aggregation
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation Fen-Biao Gao
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
07:30:00 Morning Coffee available | Sunset Pavilion South
08:00:00 Targeting RAN proteins improves phenotypes in C9orf72 BAC ALS/FTD mice Laura Ranum
08:00:00 Session 5: Repeat-associated non-ATG translation and disease Sandra Almeida
08:30:00 Ribosome heterogeneity in translating the genetic code Maria Barna
09:00:00 RAN translation, cellular stress pathways, and neurodegeneration in repeat expansion disorders
09:15:00 Repeat-associated non-AUG (RAN) translation of expanded hexanucleotide repeats in C9ORF72-ALS/FTD
09:30:00 Refreshment break │ Sunset Pavilion South
10:00:00 Session 6: Nucleocytoplasmic transport and disease
11:00:00 Mechanistic insights into the complex cation-π interactions, antiparallel β-sheet and rmolecular hydrogen bonding that contribute to physiological and pathological LLPS and gelation of FUS Peter St. George-Hyslop
11:15:00 Defective RNA interaction drives aberrant phase separation and cellular aggregation of ALS-linked mutant FUS JP Myong
11:30:00 Lunch and Poster Session 2 │Sunset Pavilion South
13:30:00 Dynamic RNA-protein assemblies and neurological disease
13:30:00 Session 7: Aberrant phase transitions and neurological disease
14:00:00 The role of RNA binding proteins in tauopathies
14:30:00 Driving forces of tau-RNA complex coacervation and relationship to tau aggregation
15:00:00 Functional and pathological RNA-binding protein phase separation with atomistic detail
15:30:00 Refreshment break │Sunset Pavilion South
16:00:00 Translation of gene therapeutics in neurological and neuromuscular diseases
16:00:00 Session 8: The advent of therapeutics for disorders of RNA metabolism Jeffrey D. Rothstein
16:30:00 Premature polyadenylation and loss of the neuronal stathmin-2 inhibits axonal regeneration in TDP-43-dependent neurodegeneration Don W Cleveland
17:00:00 Closing Remarks
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