Featured Lectures
Society for Neuroscience
Washington Convention Center: Hall D
Washington, DC 20005, DC

Schedule of Presentations:

Saturday, November 15, 2008
12:00:00 Dance: Movement in Time and Space Mark Morris
14:00:00 Imaging Selective Vulnerability in the Newborn Brain Donna M. Ferriero
17:15:00 What Songbirds Can Teach Us about Learning and the Brain Alison Doupe
Sunday, November 16, 2008
08:30:00 The Neurobiology of Decision Making: A Window on Cognition Michael N. Shadlen,
10:00:00 Anatomy and the Problem of Behavior Michael Bate,
11:30:00 Axon Guidance and Local RNA-Based Mechanisms of Directional Steering Christine Holt
12:00:00 New Presentation
13:00:00 Chemospecificity, Cell Recognition, and Wiring the Brain Stephen L Zipursky
17:15:00 Memory and Hippocampal Networks: The Impact of Aging Carol A. Barnes
Monday, November 17, 2008
08:30:00 A New Perspective on the Role of Orbitofrontal Cortex in Decision-Making, Judgment, and Adaptive Behavior Geoffrey Schoenbaum
10:00:00 How Do Brains Navigate Their Social/Moral Worlds? Patricia S. Churchland
11:30:00 Neural Mechanisms of Cortical Dysfunction in Addiction: Consequence or Cause of Compulsive Behavior Jane Rebecca Taylor,
15:15:00 The Right Synapse in the Right Place Joshua Sanes
17:15:00 Sleep: Studying a Human Behavior in an Insect Leslie C Griffith
Tuesday, November 18, 2008
08:30:00 Motor Plasticity in Spinal Cord and Brainstem: Implications for Spinal Cord Injury, ALS, and Sleep Apnea Gordon S. Mitchell,
10:00:00 Synaptic Plasticity: The Control of Inhibitory Circuits Julie A. Kauer,
11:30:00 Recovery of Consciousness after Severe Brain Injury Nicholas D. Schiff,
12:00:00 The Mirror Neuron System in Monkeys and Humans Giacomo Rizzolatti
13:00:00 The Mirror Neuron System in Monkeys and Humans Giacomo Rizzolatti
14:30:00 The Role of Theta Frequency Oscillations in Spatial Processing in the Hippocampal Formation John O' Keefe
17:15:00 Sex and Smell Catherine Dulac
Wednesday, November 19, 2008
08:30:00 New PresentationProphylaxis of Post-Traumatic Epilepsy: Waiting for Translation David A. Prince,
08:30:00 Prophylaxis of Post-Traumatic Epilepsy: Waiting for Translation David A. Prince,
10:30:00 Dendrites Become Active: Colorful Wings of the Mysterious Butterflies Daniel St Johnston
13:00:00 Molecular Basis of Sleep: Wake Cycles Amit Sehgal
3D Tissue Models
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