Miami Winter Symposium 2019: Evolving Concepts in HIV & Emerging Viral Infections
Hyatt Regency Miami

Miami, United States
Miami Winter Symposium 2019: Evolving Concepts in HIV & Emerging Viral Infections

Elsevier Ltd

Hyatt Regency Miami


United States

Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, January 27, 2019
17:00:00 Registration | Promenade
18:00:00 Welcome Drinks Reception |
Monday, January 28, 2019
07:30:00 Registration | Promenade
08:30:00 Light Breakfast Promenade
09:00:00 Sylvia Daunert, Associate Director of the JT Macdonald Foundation Biomedical Nanotechnology Institute, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, USA Jasmine Room Sylvia Daunert
09:00:00 Opening Remarks Jasmine Room
09:05:00 Carl Schulman, Executive Dean for Research, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, USA Jasmine Room Carl Schulman
09:10:00 [K04] Anthony Fauci, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH, USA | Emerging and Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases: From AIDS to Zika Jasmine Room Anthony Fauci
09:15:00 Welcome from the Miami Centre for AIDS Research
09:25:00 [K01] Robert Gallo, University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA | HIV/AIDS: Lessons from the past; Prospects for the future Jasmine Room
09:25:00 Session 1: Face of HIV/AIDS Today Jasmine Room
10:10:00 [INV01] Myron Cohen, University of North Carolina, USA | The prevention of HIV: A pandemic in transition Jasmine Room Myron S. Cohen
10:40:00 Coffee break Promenade
11:05:00 [INV02] Serena Spudich, Yale University, USA | HIV pathogenesis and persistence in the CNS: The stage is set in primary infection Jasmine Room Serena Spudich
11:35:00 [INV03] Savita Pahwa, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, USA | Aging in the era of ART and the impact on immunity Jasmine Room Savita Pahwa
11:55:00 [Spotlight 01] Implementation of an immediate HIV treatment initiation program in a public/academic medical center in the US South: The Miami test and treat rapid response program Jasmine Room
12:05:00 [INV04] Timothy Ray Brown, Berlin Patient, USA | My continuing role as cheerleader for HIV cures Jasmine Room
12:35:00 Lunch Promenade
13:05:00 Poster session 1 Hibiscus Room
14:05:00 [K02] Bob Siliciano, Johns Hopkins University, USA | Curing HIV infection: Going beyond N=1 Jasmine Room Robert Siliciano
14:05:00 Session 2: HIV Reservoirs and Cure Strategies Jasmine Room
14:50:00 [INV05] Sharon Lewin, University of Melbourne, Australia | How does HIV persist and what can we do about it? Jasmine Room
15:20:00 [Spotlight 02] ART initiation promotes formation of the long-lived replication-competent HIV-1 reservoi Jasmine Room
15:35:00 [INV06] John Mellors, University of Pittsburgh, USA | Hematological stem cell therapy to cure HIV infection: So close, so far Jasmine Room John Mellors
16:05:00 Coffee break Promenade
16:30:00 [INV07] Javier Picado, Catalan Institute for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA) at IrsiCaixa, Spain | Hematological stem cell therapy to cure HIV infection: So close, so far Jasmine Room Javier Picado
17:00:00 [Spotlight 03] Efficient ablation of HIV-1 provirus in primary cells using polymer nanocapsule delivery of gene-editing components Jasmine Room
17:15:00 [INV08] Paolo Rossi, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy | Pediatric HIV infection and model for HIV remission studies Jasmine Room Paolo Rossi
17:45:00 [K03] Nora Volkow, National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), USA, Bill Whelan Award, UBMB Foundation | Bill Whelan Award, UBMB Foundation Jasmine Room Nora Volkow
19:00:00 Conference Dinner (separate ticket required)
Tuesday, January 29, 2019
08:30:00 Light Breakfast Promenade
09:00:00 Session 3: Immune Mechanisms and Interventions Jasmine Room
09:00:00 Welcome Jasmine Room
09:55:00 [Spotlight 04] Using convertibleCARTM-T cells programmed with broadly neutralizing antibodies to attack the latent HIV reservoir Jasmine Room
10:10:00 [INV09] Shane Crotty, La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology, USA | Assessing the engines of antibody affinity maturation to vaccines: Germinal centers and Tfh cells Jasmine Room Shane Crotty
10:40:00 Coffee break Promenade
11:05:00 [INV10] Barton Haynes, Duke University, USA | The path forward for HIV vaccine development Jasmine Room Barton Haynes
11:35:00 [Spotlight 05] Stemness and exhaustion: independent mechanisms of persistent viremia in HIV-infected viremic controllers Jasmine Room
11:50:00 [INV11] Ethel Cesarman, Weill Cornell Medicine, USA | Targeting viral oncogenic signals Jasmine Room Ethel Cesarman
12:20:00 [INV12] Francois Villinger, University of Louisiana, USA | Dynamics of SIV replication under ART and Post ART Interruption identifies the most likely functional viral reservoirs in vivo Jasmine Room Francois Villinger
12:50:00 Lunch Promenade
13:20:00 Poster session 2 Hibiscus Room
14:20:00 [K05] Michel Nussenzweig, The Rockefeller University, USA, The HIV problem Jasmine Room Michel Nussenzweig
14:20:00 Session 4: HIV Antibodies for Prevention and Treatment Jasmine Room
15:05:00 [Spotlight 06] Hiv-antibody response estimates reservoir size and time of antiretroviral therapy initiation in virally suppressed perinatally HIV-infected children Jasmine Room
15:20:00 [INV13] Peter Kwong, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH, USA | Vaccine Elicitation of Antibodies Capable of Neutralizing Diverse Strains of HIV-1 Jasmine Room Peter D. Kwong
15:50:00 Coffee break Promenade
16:15:00 [INV14] Susan Moir, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH, USA | A regulatory role for IgG3 in HIV infection Jasmine Room Susan Moir
16:45:00 [INV15] Ronald Desrosiers, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, USA | Long-term virologic suppression following AAV delivery of anti-HIV monoclonal antibodies Jasmine Room Ronald Desrosiers
17:15:00 [Spotlight 07] Glycoengineering of AAV delivered monoclonal antibodies with increased ADCC activity Jasmine Room
17:30:00 [INV16] Michael Farzan, Scripps Research Institute, USA | AAV-expressed eCD4-Ig can suppress an established SHIV-AD8 infection after cART cessation Jasmine Room Michael Farzan
Wednesday, January 30, 2019
08:30:00 Light Breakfast Promenade
09:00:00 Welcome Jasmine Room
09:00:00 Session 5: Emerging Infections and Therapeutic Advances Jasmine Room
09:10:00 [K06] Raymond Schinazi, Emory University, USA, Disruptive Discoveries for HIV, HCV and HBV Infections Jasmine Room Raymond Schinazi
09:55:00 [INV17] Matthias Gotte, University of Alberta, Canada | Mechanism of Action of Remdesivir (GS-5734) against Ebola Virus RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase Jasmine Room Matthias Gotte
10:25:00 Coffee break Promenade
10:50:00 [INV18] Daria Hazuda, Merck & Co, Inc., USA | HIV Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors: Over 30 Years of Drug Discovery and Still Learning Jasmine Room
11:20:00 [Spotlight 08] PDGFRA defines a population of mesenchymal stem cell Kaposi’s Sarcoma progenitors by enabling oncogenesis in an angiogenic environment Jasmine Room
11:30:00 [INV19] Nagalingesawaran Kumarasamy, YRG CARE, India | Impact of International Clinical Research on HIV Treatment guidelines Jasmine Room
12:05:00 [Spotlight 09] Didehydro-Cortistatin A inhibits the activity of HIV-1 by specifically binding to the unstructured basic region of Tat Jasmine Room
12:20:00 [INV20] David Watkins, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, USA | Neutralizing monoclonal antibodies to prevent and treat yellow fever virus infection Jasmine Room David Watkins
12:50:00 Closing Remarks & Poster Prize Presentation Jasmine Room
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