3rd Annual Congress Strategies to enhance Solubility and Drug Absorption
Golden Tulip Apollo Hotel
Apollolaan 2
BA Amsterdam,, The Netherlands
3rd Annual Congress Strategies to enhance Solubility and Drug Absorption
Informa Life Science’s
Golden Tulip Apollo Hotel
Apollolaan 2
BA Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008
08:20:00 Registration and morning refreshments
08:55:00 Opening remarks from the Chairperson
09:00:00 An overview of solubility and key strategies to enhance performance of poorly soluble drugs Bernd Riebesehl,
09:40:00 Enhancing formulations and solubility by interfacing discovery with development Jan Möschwitzer,
10:20:00 Morning refreshments
10:50:00 Drug solubilisation strategies: Applying solid dispersion and nanoparticulate formulation approaches in drug development Carsten Timpe,
11:30:00 The applicability of hot-melt extrusions to improve solubility
12:10:00 Applicability of in silico prediction: Is it worth it? John Dearden,
12:50:00 Networking lunch
14:00:00 Technology Spotlight Session
14:40:00 Cyclodextrins as pharmaceutical solubilisers Markus Brewster,
15:20:00 Afternoon refreshments
15:40:00 The role of excipients to enhance drug absorption Rolf-Stefan Brickl,
16:20:00 Panel Discussion: Particle-size reduction with the amorphous form for high solubility
17:00:00 Panel Discussion Session
17:10:00 Closing remarks from the Chairperson and end of day one
Wednesday, December 10, 2008
08:30:00 Morning refreshments
09:00:00 Opening remarks from the chairperson
09:05:00 Salt selection as a tool to enhance solubility and drug absorption Christoph Saal,
09:45:00 Screening for polymorphs and the impact on drug solubility Paulo Leanardo Garcia,
10:25:00 Morning refreshments
10:55:00 Self-emulsifying formulations for higher solubility and enhanced drug delivery Torbjörn Wärnheim,
11:45:00 High-throughput dissolution measurement for early development: Challenges and opportunities Alex Avdeef,
12:15:00 Networking Lunch
13:45:00 Innovations in dissolution for solubility measurements Anders Sokolowski,
14:15:00 Potentiometric sensors as new tools for continuous measurement of drug dissolution Luc Nagels,
14:45:00 Question Time – Challenges and opportunities in dissolution measurement Luc Nagels,, Alex Avdeef,, Anders Sokolowski,
15:10:00 Afternoon refreshments
15:30:00 Lipid-based drug delivery systems to enhance solubility and absorption of poorly water-soluble drugs Jean Cuiné,
16:10:00 From animal-to-man: Pharmacokinetics and scalability to humans - a formulators’ perspective Dieter Becker,
16:50:00 Closing remarks from the Chairperson and end of conference
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