Biophysical Society 53rd Annual Meeting
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
415 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02210
Biophysical Society 53rd Annual Meeting  
Biophysical Society
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
415 Summer Street

Schedule of Presentations:

Saturday, February 28, 2009
16:25:00 Announcements
17:00:00 Opening Mixer
18:30:00 Meet & Greet at the Opening Mixer
18:30:00 Student & Minority Biophysicists Travel Awardee Reception
19:30:00 End Of The First Day
Sunday, March 1, 2009
01:00:00 check
08:15:00 Symposium 1: Protein Modularity and Flexibility in Signal Transduction David Eliezer, Richard Kriwacki, Mike Rosen, Julie D. Forman-Kay, Ruth Nussinov, Wendell Lim
09:00:00 Symposium 2: Many Ways to Regulate a Molecular Motor E. M. Ostap, Samantha Harris, James R Sellers, Kenneth Taylor
10:45:00 Symposium 3: The Biophysics of HIV Michael Summers, Wesley Sundquist, David Millar, Karin Musier-Forsyth
11:45:00 Symposium 4: Systems Biology Ravi Iyengar, Uri Alon, Pamela Silver, ALEXANDER VAN OUDENAARDEN
16:00:00 Symposium 5: How Proteins Move on DNA Eric Greene, Smita Patel, Yann Chemla, Omar A. Saleh
17:15:00 Symposium 6: Store-operated Calcium Channels in the Molecular Age Stefan Feske, Jen Liou, Richard Lewis, Mitsu Ikura
18:00:00 End Of The Day 2
Monday, March 2, 2009
08:15:00 Symposium 7: Cholesterol as a Regulator of Channel and Receptor Function Irena Levitan, Jens Lundbaek, GERALD GIMPL
10:00:00 Symposium 8: Monitoring RNAs: From Single Molecules to the Cell Ignacio Tinoco, Xiaowei Zhuang, Robert Singer, Ido Golding
10:45:00 Symposium 9: Sensing the Membrane William Dowhan, Anthony Lee, Diego de Mendoza, Paula Booth
11:30:00 Symposium 10: New Frontiers in Biophysics Colleen Clancy, Karl Deisseroth, Peter Fromherz, J.H.P. Bayley
16:00:00 Symposium 11: Cargo Transport by Single Molecular Motors vladimir rodionov, Kristen Verhey, Kathleen M. Trybus, Hideo Higuchi
17:35:00 Symposium 12: Regulated Intramembrane Proteolysis (RIP) Michael S. Wolfe, Eitan Bibi, Yigong Shi, Iban Ubarretxena
18:00:00 End Of The Day
Tuesday, March 3, 2009
08:15:00 Symposium 13: G-Protein Coupled Receptor Structure and Regulation Friedrich Siebert, Brian Kobilka, Jonathan A. Javitch, Céline Galès
08:30:00 Symposium 14: RNA in Biology and Disease Christopher D. Lima, Michael Sattler, Dinshaw J. Patel, Hashim M. Al-Hashimi
10:45:00 Symposium 15: Awards Symposium
16:00:00 Symposium 16: Channels, Transporters, and Pores: Ways to Cross the Membrane Susan Buchanan, Jacqui Gulbis, Thomas Walz, Isaiah Arkin
17:10:00 Symposium 17: The Dynamic Chromatin in Epigenetic Gene Control Andre Nussenzweig, Timothy J. Richmond, Tarjei Mikkelsen, Ronen Marmorstein
18:00:00 End Of The Day
Wednesday, March 4, 2009
08:15:00 Symposium 18: DNA Processing in Genome Integrity and Maintenance Susan M. Gasser, Michael A O’Donnell, James Berger, Stephen Kowalczykowski
10:10:00 Symposium 19: Muscle: A Model System for Emergent Molecular Motor Properties Josh Baker, Sanford I Bernstein, Claudia Veigel, Dietmar Manstein
10:45:00 Symposium 20: Membrane Trafficking Wolfhard Almers, Barbara Baird, Frederick Maxfield, Pietro V De Camilli
12:00:00 Symposium 21: Receptor-mediated Channel Activation David Colquhoun, Claudio Grosman, James Howe, Lucia Sivilotti, Gabriela K. Popescu
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