3D Tissue Models
BIO-Europe 2008
m:con Congress Center Rosengarten
Rosengartenplatz 2
68161 Mannheim, Germany,

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, November 17, 2008
09:00:00 Maximizing Your Deal: The Business Case for Translational Medicine in Oncology GAnesh Iyer, Aron Knickerbocker, John Freshley, Linda Pullan
10:45:00 Rethinking R&D: Can Big Pharma Address the Productivity Gap through Earlier-Stage Collaborations? Vaughn M. Kailian, Barbara Yanni, Michael A. Yeomans, Bernhard Kirschbaum, Ted Torphy
11:45:00 A Day in the Life of Experienced Dealmakers – Year 6! William R. Ringo, Simon Turton, Andrew Gengos, Mark Mcdade, Shaun Grady, Simon Moroney, James Watson
12:00:00 Biotech-CMO Partnerships – Ways to Create Value Klaus Binder
12:00:00 US Patent Law in Flux: Can Dealmakers Adjust? Rouget Henschel, Sven Riethmueller, Stephen S Yoder
12:00:00 Dealmaking in China Darren Ji, Ruediger Herrmann, Sofie Qiao, Jimmy Wei, simon bury
12:00:00 Re-invention of the Drug Industry – Case Studies and Their Implications for Future Dealmaking Karsten Henco, Holger Reithinger, Klaus Wilgenbus, Julie Teigland,, Edwin Moses
12:00:00 Critical Issues to Consider when Entering the U.S. Market and Partnering with U.S. Companies Jørn Roland Müller, Joe Dillon, Ray Briscuso,, Steve Bryant, Chris Yochim
13:30:00 M&A – The (Hidden) Objective of Every Partnering Deal? Olivier Litzka, Edward Saltzman, Georg Buchner
13:30:00 Demonstrating the Value of New Drugs David Sykes, Karen Bernstein, Wayne Critchley
13:30:00 Financing Companies / Building Companies – Two Sides of the Same Coin or Different Currencies? Friedrich von Bohlen und Halbach, Siegfried Bialojan, Hubert Birner, Allan Marchington
14:45:00 Pharma Presentations
14:45:00 The Early Stage Company: Preparing for Success Tim Edwards, Diane Romza Kutz, Steve Damon, Peter Johann
14:45:00 Boehringer Ingelheim (CD Biopharmaceuticals)
14:45:00 Biomarkers – Leading the Way for Personalized Medicine and Drug Development M Plutz, Albine Martin, Michael Pennington
14:55:00 Baxter
15:00:00 Boehringer Ingelheim (CD Licensing)
15:15:00 Bayer Schering
15:35:00 Wyeth
16:00:00 Dealmaking with Japanese Companies Richard Hammel, Jeffrey D. Wager, Martina Molsbergen
16:00:00 Early Stage Dealmaking – How to Build Value Instead of Giving it Away Neill MacKenzie, Louis J Scotti, Guido Lanza,, Sarah Holland
16:15:00 Novartis
16:35:00 Astra Zeneca
16:55:00 Merck Serono
17:15:00 What Buyers Want: Understanding What Big Pharma Expect to See in Out-Licensing Documents Lubor Gaal, Gwen Melincoff, Ben Bonifant, Axel Maibuecher
17:15:00 Pfizer
17:15:00 Transformative Trends in Oncology Gardiner Smith, William Levine, Melinda Shockley
17:35:00 BMS
17:55:00 Merck & Co.
Tuesday, November 18, 2008
11:45:00 A Day in the Life of Experienced Dealmakers – Year 6! James D Watson, Shaun Grady, Simon Moroney, Simon Turton, Andrew Gengos, Mark Mcdade, William R. Ringo
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