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American Society for Matrix Biology
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Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, December 7, 2008
12:00:00 Registration (Randle Foyer)
13:00:00 "Special Interest Groups Session I"
13:00:00 SIG 1: Extracellular Matrix-Driven Regulation of Innate Immune Response and Inflammation (Cunningham A) Aravinda Chakravarti, Liliana Schaefer;
13:05:00 SIG 1: Biglycan and Toll-like Receptor 2 Signaling Liliana Schaefer;
13:05:00 SIG 1: Lumican Mediated Neutrophil Migration Seakwoo Lee,
13:30:00 SIG 1: Syndecan1 Shedding: An Innate Immune Response to Infection Pyong Woo Park
14:00:00 SIG 2: Regulation of ECM Remodelling and Angiogenesis by Homeobox Genes Nancy Boudreau,
14:00:00 Clonal Expansion and Adhesive Signaling Mark Ginsberg,
14:00:00 SIG 1: Versican in Regulating Tumor Macrophages Michael Karin
14:00:00 "SIG 2: Integrins in Cancer" (Cunningham B)
14:00:00 SIG 2: Integrin alpha-4 Activation Promotes Tumor Inflammation, Angiogenesis, and Lymphangiogenesis Judith Varner,
14:00:00 SIG 2: Distinct Connections of FAK to Cell Survival and Directional Motility David Schlaepfer,
14:30:00 SIG 3: Role of gamma1-Laminins in Renal Collecting Ducts Peter Yurchenco,
14:30:00 "SIG 3: Basement Membranes and the Kidney" (Cunningham C)
14:30:00 SIG 3: Collagen IV and the Kidney Billy Hudson,
14:30:00 SIG 3: Laminins and Kidney Function Jeff Miner,
14:30:00 SIG 3: Asynchronous Laminin and Type IV Collagen Deposition in Developing Glomerular Basement Membranes Dale Abrahamson,
15:00:00 Coffee Break
15:30:00 Visualizing Human Tumor Cell Metastasis Using Transparent Zebrafish and High Resolution Intravital Microscopy Konstantin Stoletov,
15:30:00 Introduction Andries Zijlstra
15:30:00 Invadopodia and Mechanotransduction Alissa M. Weaver
15:30:00 "Special Interest Groups Session II"
15:30:00 SIG 4: Matrix Remodeling in Cancer Invasion (Cunningham A)
15:30:00 Anti-Podosome Therapy Sara A Courtneidge
15:30:00 The Intersection of Planar Cell Polarity and ECM Remodeling During Collective Migration and Invasion Jason , Jessen
16:00:00 Role of Thrombospondins in Regulating Osteoblast Progenitor Maintenance and Osteoblast Function Andrea Alford,
16:00:00 SIG 5: ECM Regulation of the Osteoblast-Lineage (Cunningham B)
16:00:00 Matrix Gla Proteins in Regulating Osteoblast Function Raj Gopalakrishnan,
16:00:00 HtrA1: A Novel Matrix Modulator that Regulates Osteoblast Differentiation and Matrix Mineralization Colette , Inkson
16:00:00 How Type III Collagen Influences Osteoblast Function through the Modulation of TGFbeta Signaling Sherri Adams
16:00:00 Post-Transcriptional Processing of Osteonectin in the Regulation of Osteoblast Differentiation Anne M. Delany
16:30:00 PXE: A Multi-System Metabolic Disease Affecting the Elastic Structures
16:30:00 Molecular Genetics of PXE Jouni Uitto
16:30:00 Fibulin in Diseases Mon-Li Chu
16:30:00 SIG 6: Heritable Diseases of Elastic Structures: The Paradigms of Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum (PXE) and Cutis Laxa (CL)
16:30:00 CL: The Disease of Elastic Fibers
16:30:00 Elastin Mutations in Cutis Laxa Zsolt Urban
16:30:00 Elastin Aberrations in PXE Olivier Le Saux
16:30:00 The Role of Patient Advocacy Organizations in Genetic Research Sharon Terry
18:30:00 Welcome Reception (Randle Foyer)
19:30:00 President’s Welcome and Founder’s Award Presentation to Paul Bornstein(Randle ABC) Renato V. Iozzo
19:45:00 Keynote Lecture: MicroRNAs, the Immune System and Cancer(Randle ABC) Carlo Croce
20:30:00 End Of The Day
Monday, December 8, 2008
07:30:00 Registration (Randle Foyer)
07:30:00 Exhibits(Randle Foyer)
07:30:00 Breakfast (Randle Foyer)
08:30:00 Extracellular Matrix Control of Stem Cell Niches Marian F. Young
09:05:00 Glycomics of Proteoglycan Biosynthesis in ESC Differentiation Robert J. Linhardt
09:40:00 Synthetic Biomimetic Matrices that Promote Osteoblastic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells SUSAN L. BELLIS
10:00:00 Coffee Break (Randle Foyer)
10:30:00 Matrix Structure (Randle ABC)
10:30:00 Senior Investigator Awardee: Extracellular Matrix and Vascular Development Robert , Mecham
10:30:00 Plenary II
11:05:00 Delayed Turnover of FGFR3: Pathogenetic Mechanism and Therapeutic Target in Achondroplasia William . A Horton
11:40:00 Molecular based Structure and Ligation of the Collagen Fibril Joseph , Orgel
12:00:00 Lunch Break (On Your Own)
13:30:00 Induction of Physiologic and Pathologic Angiogenesis by TIMP-free proMMP-9 Derived Uniquely from Inflammatory Neutrophils James Quigley
13:30:00 Concurrent C: ECM Turnover (America’s Cup ABCD)
13:30:00 Concurrent B: Hypertriglyceridemia caused by mutation of the basement membrane proteoglycan Type XVIII collagen Jeffrey D. Esko
13:30:00 Concurrent B: Proteoglycans (Cunningham ABC)
13:30:00 Concurrent C: Biological Functions of Membrane-Type Matrix Metalloproteinases Kenn Holmbeck
13:30:00 Concurrent Sessions
14:00:00 Extra- and intracellular collagen degradation linked by uPARAP Daniel Hargbøl Madsen
14:00:00 Fibulin-5 Inhibits Integrin- Induced ROS Production Rolf Andrew Brekken
14:00:00 Concurrent A: Angiogenesis (Randle ABC)
14:00:00 Concurrent B: Syndecan-1 Shedding Facilitates Airway Re-epithelialization.
14:20:00 Concurrent B: Synstatin, a Sdc1 peptide, blocks αvβ3-dependent angiogenesis DeannaLee Beauvais,
14:20:00 Concurrent C: Joint Degeneration in Mice Lacking Adequate Perlecan Levels Kathryn D. Rodgers
14:20:00 Angiogenesis and Intravasation of PC-3 Dissemination Variants Erin Conn,
14:40:00 Concurrent C: The role of caveolin-1 in pulmonary matrix remodeling Olivier Le Saux
14:40:00 2:40 PM Endorepellin evokes SHP1 activity in endothelial cells Elizabeth. Nystrom
14:40:00 Concurrent B: Decorin binds to and downregulates the MET receptor Silvia Goldoni,
15:00:00 Coffee Break (Randle and Cunningham Foyers)
15:30:00 Concurrent Sessions
15:30:00 Concurrent D: Retention of Thrombospondins in ECM, and views of TSP Evolution Josephine C Adams
15:30:00 Concurrent E: Control challenges in tissue growth and patterning Arthur Lander
15:30:00 Concurrent F: Inflammation (America’s Cup ABCD)
15:30:00 Concurrent D: Matricellular Proteins (Randle ABC)
15:30:00 Concurrent F: Lung Inflammation: Old Concepts with Fresh Perspectives Farrah Kheradmand
15:30:00 Concurrent E: Molecular & Computational Modeling (Cunningham ABC)
16:00:00 Concurrent E: Modeling single and collective cell movements in 3D matrices Muhammad H. Zaman
16:00:00 Concurrent D: COMP-specific Ribozyme: A New Strategy for Gene Therapy Joseph Alcorn
16:00:00 Concurrent F: EGF-like domains of stabilin-2 recognizes PS during phagocytosis Soyoun Kim,
16:20:00 Concurrent E: A Discrete Mathematical Model Simulates In Vitro Angiogenesis Scott Sibole
16:20:00 FN-α4β1 Interactions Regulate MMP-9 Expression in Liver IR Injury Sergio Duarte,
16:20:00 New Concurrent D: Regulation of fibronectin matrix assembly by tenascin-C Wing To
16:20:00 Concurrent F: Intact hyaluronan promotes maintenance of immune tolerance. Paul L. Bollyky
16:40:00 Concurrent D: DMP1 Isoforms Promote Differential Cell Attachment and Migration Zofia von Marschall,
16:40:00 Concurrent E: The glycosaminoglycan-binding domain of CXC-chemokines controls neutrophil migration into the lungs Charles W. Frevert
17:00:00 ASMB Business Meeting (Randle ABC)
17:00:00 Poster Session I and Exhibitor Reception (4th Floor Foyers and Randle DE)
19:00:00 End Of The Day
19:00:00 Announcements
19:00:00 Announcements for the next day
Tuesday, December 9, 2008
07:30:00 Registration (Randle Foyer)
07:30:00 Breakfast (Randle Foyer)
07:30:00 Exhibits (Randle Foyer)
08:30:00 Junior Investigator Awardee: Fibulins: Implications in Vascular Development and Disease Hiromi Yanagisawa
08:30:00 ECM Influences in Disease Pathogenesis (Randle ABC)
08:30:00 Plenary III
08:50:00 Location Matters: Matrix Regulation of Lung Inflammation and Remodeling Paul W. Noble
09:25:00 The Bone Marrow Microenvironment in Neuroblastoma Progression Yves A. DeClerck
10:00:00 Coffee Break (Randle Foyer)
10:30:00 Genetic Analysis of Integrin Signaling in Mice Reinhard Fässler
10:30:00 Plenary IV
10:30:00 International Society for Matrix Biology (ISMB) Guest Symposium
11:00:00 The proteoglycan metastatic signature of a cancer cell Silvia Rossi,
11:20:00 A central role for decorin during vertebrate convergent extension Jason J Zoeller
11:40:00 Prolyl 3-hydroxylase 1 null mice have abnormal bones and tendons Janice Vranka,
12:00:00 Lunch Break (On Your Own)
13:30:00 Concurrent G: Proteolytic Pathways (Randle ABC)
13:30:00 Concurrent I: Heparanase Off/On Switch for Syndecan Core Protein-Mediated mTOR/NFAT Signaling Gordon W. Laurie
13:30:00 Concurrent Sessions
13:30:00 Concurrent G: TIMPs and Tissue Homeostasis Rama Khokha
13:30:00 Concurrent H: Development (Cunningham ABC)
13:30:00 Concurrent H: Signaling and Biomechanical Roles of Matrix During Early Xenopus Morphogenesis Ray Keller
13:30:00 Concurrent I: Glycosaminoglycans (America’s Cup ABCD)
14:00:00 Concurrent G: MT1-MMP, vascular guidance tunnels, and EC-pericyte tube assembly George Davis,
14:00:00 Concurrent I: Proteoglycan desulfation regulates endochondral ossification Carmine Settembre,
14:00:00 Concurrent H: Scleraxis is required for normal heart valve formation in vivo Joy Lincoln
14:20:00 Concurrent H: Skeletal abnormalities in quad- KO mice (TSP1, 3, 5, and Col 9) Karen Posey,
14:20:00 Concurrent I: Heparan sulfate function in limb synovial joint formation Maurizio , Pacifici
14:20:00 Concurrent G: Epilysin (MMP-28) functions in promoting epithelial cell survival Anne Manicone,
14:40:00 Concurrent H: Dystroglycan is required for neural maintenance and guidance. Robert G. Johnson
14:40:00 Concurrent G: TGFβ+EGF promotes PAI-1 sensitive collagen gel lysis and invasion. Cynthia Wilkins,
14:40:00 Concurrent I: Role of heparan sulfate in limb skeletal development Kazu Matsumoto,
15:00:00 Coffee Break (Randle and Cunningham Foyers)
15:30:00 Concurrent J: Integrins (Randle ABC)
15:30:00 Concurrent L: Molecular regulation of vascular calcification Ann , Canfield
15:30:00 Concurrent L: Vascular Biology (America’s Cup ABCD)
15:30:00 Concurrent J: Integrin-mediated activation of TGFβ Dean Sheppard
15:30:00 Concurrent K: Basement Membrane (Cunningham ABC)
15:30:00 Concurrent K: Basement Membrane Remodeling During Branching Morphogenesis: The Dynamic Interplay of Proteolysis and Proliferation Matthew Hoffman,
15:30:00 Concurrent Sessions
16:00:00 Concurrent J: Merlin Blocks Tumorigenesis by Inhibiting a Nuclear E3 Ligase Filippo , Giancotti
16:00:00 Concurrent K: Mice deficient in the ECM protein WARP have nerve defects Justin Allen,
16:00:00 Concurrent L: MAPKp38 determines Smad2/3 signaling in the fbn1 null mouse aorta Luca Carta
16:20:00 Concurrent K: A Laminin-Nidogen Chimera Facilitates Basement Membrane Assembly Stephanie Capizzi,
16:20:00 Pyk2 FERM regulates p53 in the absence of FAK Nichol Miller,
16:20:00 Concurrent L: C-terminal Domain Modification in Mature Elastin Thomas Broekelmann,
16:40:00 Concurrent L: Granzyme B and Perforin in atherosclerosis and skin pathologies Wendy Boivin,
16:40:00 Mutant COL4A1 triggers oxidative stress in a genetic model of AMD Yi-Chinn Weng,
16:40:00 Concurrent J: The alpha5beta1 integrin as mechanotransducer in chondrocytes Linda Kock,
17:00:00 Poster Session II and Exhibitor Reception (4th Floor Foyers and Randle DE)
19:00:00 Gala Reception (Randle ABC)
22:00:00 End Of The Day
22:00:00 Announcements
Wednesday, December 10, 2008
07:30:00 Registration (Randle Foyer)
07:30:00 Breakfast (Randle Foyer)
07:30:00 Exhibits (Randle Foyer)
08:30:00 Plenary V Mechanical Influences (Randle ABC)
08:30:00 Matrix Elasticity Directs Differentiation & De-Differentiation Dennis E. Discher
09:05:00 Integration of Actin Dynamics and Adhesion in Cell Migration Clare. Waterman-Storer
09:40:00 Matrix Cross Linking, Mechanotransduction and Tumor Progression Valerie M Weaver
10:00:00 Coffee Break
10:30:00 Concurrent N: Control of Gene Expression (Cunningham ABC)
10:30:00 Concurrent Sessions
10:30:00 Concurrent M: Invasion/Migration (Randle ABC)
10:30:00 Concurrent O: ECM-Cytokines Interactions (America’s Cup ABCD)
10:30:00 Concurrent O: LTBP1-Fibronectin Interactions in Regulation of Transforming Growth Factors Sarah L. Dallas
10:30:00 Concurrent M: Biochemistry of Cell Migration Magic ALEX , STRONGIN
10:30:00 Concurrent N: Pre and Postsynaptic Development in Zebrafish Michael , Granato
11:00:00 Concurrent O: TGFβ1 Enhances Pancreatic Tumor Progression in SPARC-Null Mice Shanna Arnold,
11:00:00 Concurrent M: GSK3b controls the intensity of tissue repair by regulating ET-1
11:00:00 Concurrent N: The response of articular chondrocyte microRNAs to stress Gary Gibson,
11:20:00 Concurrent M: Cell polarity regulated by a FAKp120RasGAP- p190RhoGAP complex Alok Tomar,
11:20:00 Concurrent O: Extracellular regulators of TGFβ signaling in bone. Harikiran Nistala,
11:20:00 Concurrent N: Factors affecting splicing of scleroderma-associated LH2 mRNA Seth Puneet,
11:40:00 Concurrent N: Postnatal Ablation of Sox9 in Mouse Cartilage Stephen Henry,
11:40:00 Concurrent M: SPARC is required for collective cell migration during oogenesis Nathalie Martinek,
11:40:00 Concurrent O: Collagen X is required for proper hematopoietic development Elizabeth Sweeney,
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