3D Tissue Models
Advances in Metabolic Profiling
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Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, November 13, 2007
09:00:00 Registration
09:10:00 Clinical Applications of Metabolomics
09:30:00 Chemoselective Metabolomics of Neurosteroids in Aging Rats Eric Chun Yong Chan,
10:00:00 Alterations in Cardiolipin Profile Link Diabetic Cardiomyopathy and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Murine Models of Diabetes: A Shotgun Lipidomics Study Wing C Chan
10:30:00 Coffee & networking in exhibit hall
11:00:00 Study on Human Plasma of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients with H-NMR Based Metabonomic Method
11:30:00 Moving Metabolic Profiling from Mouse to Human and from Laboratory into the Clinic
12:00:00 Lunch & poster viewing
13:00:00 Drug Discovery and Development Roy Goodacre
13:30:00 Metabolomics as a tool for Biomarker Discovery Karl Heinz
14:00:00 Coffee & networking in exhibit hall
14:30:00 Keynote Address Teresa Whei-Mei Fan
15:00:00 Hurel®: A Dynamic, in vivo-surrogate Assay Platform for Cell-Based Studies Robert M Freedman
15:30:00 NMR Spectral Acquisition of Pollutant Exposed Daphnia Hemolymph at the Low Concentration and Low Volume Limits
16:00:00 Drinks Reception
Wednesday, November 14, 2007
09:00:00 Metabolomic Imaging and Its Applications
10:00:00 Developments in Metabolic Fingerprinting and Quantitative Analysis Using Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering Roger Jarvis
11:00:00 Coffee & networking in exhibit hall
11:30:00 Application of Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry and Advanced Statistical Methods to Metabonomic/Metabolomic Studies John Shockcor
12:00:00 Utilizing GC and GCxGC Coupled with Time-of-Flight Mass Spectroscopy (TOMFS) for the Analysis of Metabolomic Samples Mark Libardoni
13:00:00 Lunch & poster viewing
14:00:00 Metabolomic Profiling in Companion Animals to Understand Disease and Dietary Intervention of Disease Jeff Brockman
14:30:00 Developments in Metabolic Profiling for Biomarker Discovery and Optimized Nutrition Serge Rezzi
15:00:00 Unbiased Metabolomic Characterization of a Model Plant, Arabidopsis thaliana, by Metabolite-to-Metabolite and Metabolite-to-Gene Correlations Miyako Kusano
16:00:00 Close of conference
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