Ramanbhai Foundation 4th International Symposium ---Ramanbhai Foundation 4th International Symposium--- “Advances in Cardiometabolic Research - Basic Science and Clinical Aspects”
Zydus Research Centre
Sarkhej-Bavla NH# 8A Moraiya
Ahmedabad , Gujarat 382210
Ramanbhai Foundation 4th International Symposium
Ramanbhai Foundation 
Zydus Research Centre

Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009
08:55:00 Session V
09:00:00 Keynote address Suad Efendic
09:45:00 Plenary Lecture (PL-8)
10:15:00 Coffee break
11:15:00 Invited Lecture (IL-7) Ho Cho
11:15:00 Invited Lecture (IL-7) Ho Cho
11:45:00 "Predictive metabolomic, lipomic and transcriptomic profiling of peripheral blood" Charles F. Burant
11:45:00 "SGLT2 Inhibition: A Novel Approach to the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes" Jean Whaley
12:15:00 “Application of large-scale genetics to support drug discovery and development in the cardio-metabolic area” Vincent Mooser
12:45:00 Lunch
14:00:00 “Signal-Transduction in the Endocrine Pancreas” Per-Olof Berggren
14:00:00 Session VI
14:45:00 Invited Lecture (IL-10)
15:15:00 “Beyond Small Molecules: The Use of Biologics in the Treatment of Metabolic Disorders” Richard D. DiMarchi
15:45:00 Panel discussion
16:30:00 Closing Remarks
Wednesday, February 4, 2009
08:30:00 Inauguration ceremony
09:00:00 Session I
09:40:00 Keynote address Roger Newton
10:15:00 Coffee break
10:45:00 “HDL as a therapeutic target to prevent cardiovascular disease” Philip Barter
11:00:00 “Emerging therapeutic strategy for cardiovascular disease – adipocytokines” Yuji Matsuzawa
12:30:00 Current understanding of the off-target activity of torcetrapib” Eric J. Niesor
13:00:00 Lunch
13:55:00 Session II
14:00:00 "Systemic Biomarkers in Atherosclerosis: New Horizons" John Chapman
14:45:00 Plenary Lecture (PL-4) Jean-Charles Fruchart
15:30:00 Poster presentation and networking
17:00:00 Panel discussion
18:00:00 End of the day
Thursday, February 5, 2009
08:55:00 Session III
09:00:00 “Mipomersen: A Novel Lipid Lowering Drug, From the Bench to the Clinic” Stanley T. , Crooke
09:45:00 Plenary Lecture (PL-5) Göran K Hansson
10:30:00 Coffee break
11:00:00 “Eprotirome: A novel and physiological approach to CVD risk reduction” Jens Kristensen
11:30:00 “Targeting Protein Kinase C to treat Ischemia-Reperfusion Damage in the Heart” Steve Harrison
12:00:00 "Biomarkers in acute cardiac illness” Alan S. Maisel
12:30:00 Lunch
14:00:00 "Leptin and the Homeostatic Control of Energy Balance" Jeffrey Friedman
14:00:00 Session IV
14:45:00 “Gut - Brain Communication in the Control of Metabolism” Matthias H. Tschöp
15:30:00 Invited Lecture (IL-5) Michael R. Jirousek
16:00:00 Coffee Charges Poster presentation and networking
17:00:00 Plenary Lecture (PL-7) Walter Wahli
17:45:00 Panel discussion
19:00:00 Cultural Program
20:00:00 Dinner
3D Tissue Models
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