Virtual Discovery Europe Computer-Aided Drug Design And Screening
Centre Point Tower
101 New Oxford Street, WC1A 1DU
Virtual Screening: docking and pharmacophore analysis,    similarity and clustering methods; machine learning
* Computational Chemistry
* Lead Identification and Optimisation: modelling and structure-activity methods; structure-based design; ADMET prediction
* New Algorithms and Technologies: data mining; searching methods; distributed processing; data handling and visualisation
* Chemoinformatics 

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Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, October 24, 2007
09:00:00 New Strategies in Virtual Discovery
09:05:00 Combination of Pharmacophore- and Protein-Based Virtual Screening to Identify Novel Bioactive Molecules Wolfgang Sippl
09:35:00 A Novel Technique for Virtual Discovery for Study of Multistage Bioprocesses Vladimir Potemkin
10:05:00 Coffee Break and Networking in Exhibition Hall
10:50:00 Developing the Drug Discovery Portal @ Strathclyde Simon Mackay
11:20:00 Modern Agrochemical Research – A Missed Opportunity for Drug Discovery? John Delaney
11:50:00 A Knowledge-Based Scheme for Building Efficient ADME-Tox Predictive Tools Elodie Dubus
12:20:00 Lunch and Networking in Exhibition Hall
13:15:00 Poster Viewing
14:00:00 Virtual Screening
14:05:00 Database Mining and Ligand Discovery Using the Virtual Screening Program LIDAEUS Malcolm Walkinshaw
14:35:00 In silico Toxicology Cédric Merlot
15:05:00 Coffee Break and Networking in Exhibition Hall
15:50:00 Multifaceted Virtual Screening Methods for G Protein-Coupled Receptors: Identification of Novel Virtual Hits Mariam Degani
16:20:00 Towards Understanding and Eliminating False Positives in Virtual Screening Keith Davies
17:00:00 Drinks Reception
Thursday, October 25, 2007
09:30:00 Virtual Screening (Continued)
09:35:00 Virtual Screening in Lead Discovery Hugo Kubinyi
10:05:00 East Meets West: Virtual Screening of Herbs Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine Dave Barlow
10:35:00 Coffee Break and Networking in Exhibition Hall
11:20:00 Case Studies and Success Stories
11:25:00 Contribution of Scaffold Hopping in Drug Design Ismael Zamora
11:55:00 Physics-Based Virtual Screening Andrew Sparkes
12:25:00 Lunch and Networking in Exhibition Hall
13:20:00 Poster Viewing
14:00:00 Development of Grid Based Pharmacophore Toolkit Martin Harrison
14:30:00 An NMR Study of the Inhibition of Proteases by Glyoxal Inhibitors Paul Malthouse
15:00:00 Coffee Break and Poster Award Ceremony
15:30:00 In silico ADMET Traffic Lights and PhysChem Scores and Their Application to Kinase Inhibitors Mario Lobell
16:00:00 Novel Targets in Drug Design: Enzymes in the Protein Ubiquitination Pathway Amit Banerjee
16:30:00 Close of Conference
3D Tissue Models
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