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Name Accomplish Score Popularity Score Recent Presentation/Posting
1 Kowey, Peter 15474 12 Use of Anticoagulants for AF in Special Situations: Low Risk Score; Peri-Procedural: Ablation, Device Implantation, Cardioversion; Recent Bleeding
2 Bassett, Lawrence W 13941 9 Using Appropriateness Criteria to Design Workups
3 Kerbel, Robert S 12520 9 Models of postsurgical early and late stage metastasis for improving preclinical adjuvant and metastatic therapy investigations
4 Shoenfeld, Yehuda 11988 12 5th Latin American Congress on Autoimmunity (LACA 2017)
5 Weiss, Paul 10378 12
6 Baker Jr., James R. 9682 Unavailable Miami 2012 Winter Symposium: Nanotechnology in Biomedicine
7 Gustafsson, Jan-Åke 9480 Unavailable Novel roles of ERbeta and LXRbeta in neuronal cortical migration and epithelial proliferation
8 Fradet, Yves 8856 Unavailable Central Room A | Session topic: Biomarkers
9 Van Broeckhoven, Christine 8603 3 3rd International Congress Hidden Hunger
10 Weitz, Jeffrey I 8469 6 Overview of NOACs: Differences in Pharmacology, Drug Interactions and Gaps in Knowledge About Safety and Efficacy
11 Reddy, Vivek Y 8451 12 Balloon Ablation for Persistent AF: Promise, Limitations, and Next Steps
12 Sweedler, Jonathan 8334 Unavailable The Cell by Cell Chemical Characterizations of the Brain via Mass Spectrometry: From Profiling to Imaging
13 Sessler, Daniel 8150 Unavailable Hall C | Anesthesia and Thermoregulation Mechanisms and Monitoring
14 Olver, Ian 7650 Unavailable International Annual Meeting on Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC/ISOO 2016)
15 Ehrlich, Garth D 7547 Unavailable Mass Spec-Based Molecular Diagnostics Provide for Comprehensive Pathogen Screening
16 Sicard, Gregorio A 7332 3 Impact of Registries on Management of Carotid Disease
17 Silverstein, Melvin 7121 Unavailable Session A | Round Block Excision: Oncoplastic Surgery for Non–Plastic Surgeons
18 Jain, Rakesh K 6872 36 Molecular and Cellular Determinants of Brain Metastasis Co-Chairpersons: William C. Hahn, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA, and Joan Massagué, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY
19 Tannock, Ian 6640 Unavailable Improving the efficiency of cancer drug development: the importance of mechanistic translational studies in early clinical trials
20 Grant McFadden, Douglas 6605 6 2 Concurrent Symposia
21 Gatt, Stephen 6094 Unavailable REFRESHER COURSE | Near Miss Audit in Anesthesia and Reducing the Chance of Litigation
22 Pertwee, Roger 6075 Unavailable Pharmacological strategies for targeting pain with cannabinoids
23 Berry, Donald 6066 6 Clinical Trial Design in the Genomic Era Co-Chairpersons: Donald A. Berry, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, and George W. Sledge, Jr., Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA
24 Satava, Richard M 6013 Unavailable Theatre | Revolutionizing Surgery through Energy Directed Technologies (Gerhard Buess Lectrure)
25 Atwood, Craig 5947 Unavailable Rooms 2/3 - Level 2 Symposium 4: Theme 4 Neuropeptides
26 Hoffman, Gary 5654 3 B: Vasculitis
27 De Groot, Anne S 5603 Unavailable Developing an Ebola vaccine using FastVax technology: Can we apply the power of computational vaccinology to the development of more effective vaccines?
28 Dicker, Adam P 5596 24 Brief Overview of TRP -Welcome
29 Marchand, Serge 5249 Unavailable 6th International Congress on Neuropathic Pain (NeuPSIG 2017)
30 Dallemagne, Bernard 5156 Unavailable Complications of Nissen Fundoplication
31 Gazzaley, Adam 5097 Unavailable 79th Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on Quantitative Biology
33 Ross, Lainie F 5094 Unavailable Do Parents Know Best: Refusals in the Pediatric Outpatient Setting
34 Ahlquist, David A 5013 Unavailable Screening for Colorectal Cancer with Emphasis on Stool DNA
35 Kalivas, Peter W 4905 Unavailable The glutamate homeotasis hypothesis of addiction
36 Uversky, Vladimir 4768 Unavailable Session III : By Vladimir Uversky
37 Guidetti , Vincenzo 4722 Unavailable 17th Congress of the International Headache Society (IHC 2015)
38 Chiarella, Mary 4623 Unavailable The Politics of Professional Regulation: An Australian Case Study
39 Robinson, Terry E 4532 Unavailable Drugs, dopamine and desire: Parsing the predictive vs. incentive motivational properties of reward cues
40 O'Connor, Michael F 4182 Unavailable Regulation of Drosophila tissue growth by opposing BMP and Activin signals
41 Montell, Craig 4159 Unavailable 18th International Symposium on Calcium Binding Proteins and Calcium Function in Health and Disease
42 Blumenthal, James 4006 Unavailable Pioneer Lecture - Introduced by Leopoldo Pozuelo, MD
43 Cates, Willard 3984 Unavailable Hormonal Contraception or Unintended Pregnancy: What's Riskier for STI/HIV?
44 Hersey, Peter 3982 Unavailable Data for drug discovery
45 Albelda, Steven 3978 Unavailable Accelerated determination of a LEAD
46 Kattan, Michael W 3971 6 Nomograms Predicting Recurrence
47 Zon, Leonard I 3940 12 Transcription, Development and Disease Registered attendees can view abstracts starting on 01/04/2014
48 Tabakoff, Boris 3932 Unavailable Rat Genomics & Models
49 Specht, Lena 3894 Unavailable Radiation in Hodgkin’s disease
50 GOLDSTEIN, STEVEN R 3889 Unavailable What is the Normal Width of the Endometrial Echo?
51 Lawrence, Peter F 3888 3 SESSION V | AAA
52 Singh, Neeta 3786 Unavailable Key note lecture
53 Bikle, Daniel D 3783 Unavailable Vitamin D – More than Good for Bones G
54 Pestell, Richard G 3779 Unavailable
55 Moore, Wesley 3743 3 CEA vs. CAS: CEA Still Wins in Analysis of CREST Trial
56 Milner, John 3727 3
57 Clemmer, David 3703 Unavailable Developing techniques for following transitions between conformational states
58 Jackman, Warren M 3685 3 Ablation of Posteroseptal APs – Tips/Tricks
59 Palmer, Abraham 3589 3 Studying addiction in animal models
60 Epel, David 3538 Unavailable Opening Pre-Meeting Keynote
61 Rudd, Pauline 3519 Unavailable 27th International Carbohydrate Symposium (ICS 2014)
62 Langton, Chris 3451 Unavailable Central Room A | Session topic: In Vivo Advanced Imaging: from pre-clinical to patient
63 Rimm, David 3438 Unavailable 12th Annual Biomarkers & Diagnostics World Congress
64 Yancey, Antronette 3401 Unavailable Breakfast Symposium | Obesity Prevention in Women
65 Doherty, Michael 3332 3 PARALLEL HALL 1 | The importance of the placebo response in the everyday management of osteoarthritis
66 Cima, Robert R 3314 Unavailable When is the best time for colectomy?
67 Chapman, William 3277 3 Methods to Improve “Transplantability” for Hepatocellular Carcinoma
68 Lee , Byong H 3234 Unavailable Track 1: Molecular Nutrition
69 Buchsbaum, Donald J 3231 Unavailable
70 Kozarek, Richard 3212 Unavailable PERI-AMPULLARY LESIONS
71 Melief, Cornelis J 3149 6 TLR-ligand peptide conjugates for superior therapeutic vaccination against immunogenic cancers
72 Ribas, Antoni 3149 6 13th International Congress on Targeted Anticancer Therapies
74 Weisman, Gary 3103 Unavailable P2 nucleotide receptors: balancing salivary gland inflammation and regeneration
75 Mellette, J. R 3056 Unavailable Interpolation Flaps
76 Bergeron, Michel G 3027 Unavailable Revolutionizing the Diagnostic of Infectious Diseases with SMART Point-of-Care (POC) CDs that “Read” DNA Instead of Music
77 Eastham, James 2953 6 Surgical Salvage for Recurrence after Radiotherapy
78 Fenech, Michael 2950 Unavailable The Untapped Potential of Laser Scanning Cytometry in Genome Damage, Proteome and Nutritional Diagnostics at the Single Cell and Sub-Type Level
79 Moschos, Sterghios 2946 Unavailable Panel: Discovering biomarkers of clinical utility
80 Daeninck, Paul 2906 Unavailable The Role of Cannabinoids in the Treatment of Cancer Pain
81 Gerstein, Mark 2890 Unavailable Past, Present & Future Best Practices for Transcriptome Analysis
82 Sleigh, James 2871 Unavailable Hall B | Anesthetics and Cognitive Function What does the EEG Tell Us Beyond the BIS
83 Hecht, Michael H 2866 3 New Presentation
84 Haller, Julia A 2851 Unavailable
85 Hublin, Jean-Jacques 2844 Unavailable Registration
86 Crowston, J. 2844 Unavailable Monitoring RGCs in the real world
87 Schatten, G. 2812 Unavailable Science fiction or reality? Producing gametes from stem cells and somatic cells
88 Avery, Robin 2809 Unavailable Approach to Infectious Complications After Lung Transplantation
89 Geary, David 2801 Unavailable Evolution and Cultural Expression of Human Sex Differences
90 Thun,, Michael J 2787 Unavailable Introduction and overview of the global burden of cancer
91 Dixon, J. M 2751 Unavailable Roundtable Discussion With Audience Participation on Current Issues in Breast Cancer | Follow-up, Treatment Side Effects, Costs, End-of-Life Care, and "Burn-Out"
92 Merrill, Joan T 2749 3 MAIN HALL | Title tba
93 Mavroudis, Constantine 2736 Unavailable COMBINED PATHWAY | Ethics Symposium : Ethical Considerations Related to Congenital Heart Disease
94 Martín, Miguel 2721 Unavailable Clinical trials
95 Chatterjee, Anjan 2701 Unavailable World Congress on NeuroTherapeutics: Dilemmas, Debates & Discussions (DDDN)
96 Benyamin, Ramsin 2691 Unavailable 13th Annual Pain Medicine Meeting
97 Bianchi, Diana 2689 Unavailable Looking Ahead – Partnering for the World We Want (Joint Session with Grand Challenges and Keystone Symposia)
98 Mcelhaney, Janet 2683 Unavailable Registration and Continental Breakfast
99 Machtay, Mitchell 2681 Unavailable head and neck cancer-- Integrating Intensity- Modulated Radiation Therapy/Image-Guided Radiation Therapy and Systemic Therapy into a Combined Modality Therapeutic Strategy (M09)
100 Garvey, W. T 2651 Unavailable Dinner Symposium - Can We Control Diabetes and Cardiometabolic Risk Through Weight Loss? Examining the Clinical Implications of Obesity Therapies in Late-Stage Development
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