Database Grows to 67,000 Life Science Researchers (BSN) has announced database growth to more than 67,000 Life Science Researchers. The researchers in this unique database are the top presenters at Life Science meetings identified by organization, specialty, meeting participation, and ranking. is the life science networking platform that ranks and reports on people, organizations, news, and activity generating the most consequence and interest in the Life Science Community. Individuals are ranked based on a variety of variables indicating their leadership positions. The researcher's rankings, reflect their full CV information, i.e. presentations, grants, clinical trials, honors, patents, editorial positions, peer reviewed papers, and professional memberships.

Included in the growth of fully searchable database are:

  • 19.000 life science organizations tagged by researcher, specialty, etc.
  • 5,000 life science events, including presenter details.
  • 85,000 life science presentations, by presenter, and organization.
  • Top 200 life science organizations, by presenter, presentations delivered.
  • Top life science organizations by specialty, presentation and presenter.

According to Zachary J. Dicker, Founder of BSN, "BSN has reached an inflection point, and requires resources for Scaling-Up its database as well as building out coverage of Life Science meetings. BSN will soon become the 'LinkedIn' of the life science community, but requires intensive marketing to grow its current base to a self-sustaining level of 250,000-500,000 researchers."

Future plans include continuation and expansion of BSN’s Real Time Coverage of Life Science meetings.

"Life Science meetings deliver news slowly or not at all. We look to a future at BSN with 'swarms of reporters' (i.e. meeting participants) who will blog or tweet in real time from the meetings, distributing their thoughts, comments, and questions to the BSN audience in a live stream to the entire community, or to a selected audience." Mr. Dicker continued.

For more information on BiotechScienceNews contact Zachary J. Dicker at 516-633-8204 or

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