3D Tissue Models
University of Zurich,

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Name Specialty Accomplish Score Popularity Score City, State Most Recent Event
Steffen, Robert Epidemiology 2108 Unavailable 9th Asia Pacific Travel Health Conference (APTHC 2012)
Münz, Christian No specialty recorded 39 Unavailable 6th European Congress of Virology
Basler, Konrad No specialty recorded 26 Unavailable Zurich EMBO Workshop: 'Morphogen Gradients'
Clavien, P Colon Rectal Surgery 13 Unavailable 8091 Zürich European Colorectal Congress 2010
Dummer, Reinhard No specialty recorded 13 Unavailable 2012 Annual Paris Melanoma Conference
Mitsiadis, Thimios No specialty recorded 13 Unavailable FDI Annual World Dental Congress New Horizons In Oral Health Care
RÖSSLER , Wulf No specialty recorded 13 Unavailable 23rd European Congress of Psychiatry (EPA 2015)
Vongrad, Valentina No specialty recorded 13 Unavailable Mechanisms of HIV Persistence: Implications for a Cure (E1)
Zeilhofer, Hanns No specialty recorded 13 9 LS2 Annual Meeting 2017
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