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Name Specialty Accomplish Score Popularity Score City, State Most Recent Event
Eastham, James Urology 2965 3 New York, NY UCSF Radiation Oncology Update: Management of Recurrent Disease
Zelenetz, MD, PhD, Andrew 881 Unavailable New York, NY 15th Annual International Congress on Hematologic Malignancies: Focus on Leukemias, Lymphomas, and Myeloma
Massagué, Joan No specialty recorded 134 Unavailable TGF-beta in Immune Responses: From Bench to Bedside (A2)
Studer, Lorenz No specialty recorded 104 Unavailable New York, NY NeuroImmune Interactions in Health and Disease
Rosen, Neal No specialty recorded 80 Unavailable New York,, NY AACR Annual Meetings
Djaballah, Hakim No specialty recorded 79 Unavailable Eighth Annual RNAi for Functional Screens
Allison, James P No specialty recorded 78 3 NY Next Gen Immunology
Wolchok, Jedd No specialty recorded 78 Unavailable New York, NY 17th International Biennial Congress of the Metastasis Research Society and Young Investigator Satellite Meeting
Deng, Gary No specialty recorded 76 Unavailable New York, NY Eighth International Symposium on Supportive Care in Oncology: Cancer Management in the Era of Targeted Agents
Jasin, Maria No specialty recorded 71 3 NY Genomic Stability and DNA Repair
Lima, Christopher No specialty recorded 67 Unavailable RNA Quality Control
Lyden, David C No specialty recorded 67 Unavailable New York, NY AACR Annual Meetings
Abu-Rustum, Nadeem No specialty recorded 66 Unavailable 16th Biennial Meeting of the International Gynecologic Cancer Society (IGCS 2016)
Holland, Eric C No specialty recorded 65 Unavailable Montreal International Symposium on Angiogenesis and Metastasis – MISAM-2013
Pamer, Eric No specialty recorded 65 3 Next Gen Immunology
Lee, Jeff No specialty recorded 61 Unavailable 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology
Lai, Eric No specialty recorded 59 Unavailable New York Biomarker World Congress
Petrini, John Genomics 54 Unavailable NY ATW2017 Ataxia-Telangiectasia workshop
Anderson, Kathryn V. No specialty recorded 53 Unavailable FEBS EMBO 2014
Joyce, Johanna No specialty recorded 52 Unavailable New York, NY The Brain Mosaic: Cellular heterogeneity in the CNS (2nd edition)
Motzer, Robert No specialty recorded 52 Unavailable New York, NY Eighth International Congress on Targeted Therapies in Cancer
Sawyers, Charles No specialty recorded 52 Unavailable Companion Diagnostics: From Biomarker Identification to Market Entry
Norton, Larry No specialty recorded 45 Unavailable Advanced Breast Cancer Third International Consensus Conference (ABC3)
Patel, Dinshaw , 45 Unavailable The Non-Coding Genome
Scardino, Peter T No specialty recorded 45 Unavailable NY Genitourinary Cancers Symposium
Robson, Mark Oncology 42 Unavailable New York, NY ASCO Annual Meeting 2013
Basch, Ethan No specialty recorded 41 Unavailable ECCO2017
Aghajanian, Carol No specialty recorded 40 Unavailable New York, NY 9th International Conference on Ovarian Cancer
Cardo, Carlos Cancer Biology 40 Unavailable New York, NY 6th Annual Partnering With Central Labs, ECG, and Imageing Labs
Cody, Hiram No specialty recorded 40 Unavailable New York ASCO Annual Meeting 2013

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