3D Tissue Models
Karolinska Institutet

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Name Specialty Accomplish Score Popularity Score City, State Most Recent Event
Grinnemo, Karl-Henrik No specialty recorded 14 Unavailable World Stem Cell Summit 2012
Baumans, Vera No specialty recorded 13 Unavailable Stockholm Laboratory Animal Science
Farnebo, Marianne No specialty recorded 13 12 Noncoding RNAs: From Disease to Targeted Therapeutics
Liljeström , Peter No specialty recorded 13 Unavailable 6th European Congress of Virology
Norman, Mikael No specialty recorded 13 Unavailable 6th Congress of the European Academy of Paediatric Societies (EAPS 2016)
D'Addario, Claudio No specialty recorded Unavailable Unavailable 19th Annual Conference of the International Society for Bipolar Disorders (ISBD 2017)
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