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Date Event Presentation Speakers
February 17, 2011 15th Annual International Congress on Hematologic Malignancies: Focus on Leukemias, Lymphomas, and Myeloma Overall Survival Andrew D. Zelenetz, MD, PhD
Welcome Andrew D. Zelenetz, MD, PhD
Do New Therapies Change the Paradigm for Treatment of Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma? Steven Horwitz
Comment Steven Horwitz
Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Martin S. Tallman
Can Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia Be Managed Without Chemotherapy? Martin S. Tallman
Afternoon Workshop | Monoclonal Antibodies Andrew D. Zelenetz, MD, PhD
Supportive Care in Hematologic Malignancies Andrew D. Zelenetz, MD, PhD
Lymphoma Steven Horwitz
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Andrew D. Zelenetz, MD, PhD
Tumor Boards | Challenging Cases in Hematologic Malignancies and Attendee-Submitted Cases Andrew David Zelenetz
January 7, 2011 TGF-beta in Immune Responses: From Bench to Bedside (A2) TGF-beta Receptors, Mediators and Targets | Ballroom 2-3 Joan Massagué
TGF-beta Regulation of T Cells: Treg-Dependent and -Independent Pathways | Ballroom 2-3 Alexander Y. Rudensky
November 30, 2010 Tumor Immunology in Conjunction with the Cancer Immunology Working Group of the AACR Clinical and correlative immunologic results of CTLA-4 blockade in melanoma Jedd D. Wolchok
November 30, 2010 Tumor Immunology: Basic and Clinical Advances in Conjunction with the Cancer Immunology Working Group of the AACR Clinical and correlative immunologic results of CTLA-4 blockade in melanoma Jedd D. Wolchok
March 12, 2010 Seventh International Symposium on Melanoma and Other Cutaneous Malignancies New Technologies on the Horizon Allan Halpern
Current Diagnostic Tools Ashfaq A. Marghoob
Session 1: Melanoma Prevention, Surveillance, and Diagnosis Allan Halpern
Session 5: Melanoma at Specific Anatomic Sites Allan Halpern
Epigenetics and CTCL Therapy Steven Horwitz
Anti–CTLA-4 Antibodies and Dialing Down Tolerence Jedd D. Wolchok
August 21, 2009 Eighth International Congress on Targeted Therapies in Cancer Terminating the Cancer Cell (Cycle) Gary K. Schwartz
Targeting mTOR and VEGF Signaling in RCC Robert J. Motzer
October 21, 2008 20th EORTC - NCI - AACR Symposium on "Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics" Plenary session 5 Molecular targets-state of the science C David M Spriggs
February 17, 2008 GRC - Glycolipid & Sphingolipid Biology Discussion Richard Kolesnick
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology Getting In Shape: New Clues From the Fly Embryo Jennifer A Zallen
Interphase and Mitotic CDKs Follow Kinetically Distinct Paths to Activation in Human Cells. S. Larochelle, R P Fisher
The Cell Biology of Embryonic Patterning and Morphogenesis in the Mouse Embryo Kathryn V. Anderson, Josh Bloomekatz, Isabelle Migeotte
Binding of the HBV X Protein to hBubR1 Disturbs the Mitotic Checkpoint and Increases Chromosome Instability Jeff Lee
Polarized Cell Behavior during Axis Elongation in Drosophila. Jennifer A Zallen, J Blankenship, J S P. Sanny, O Weitz
November 6, 2007 Third Annual New York Lung Cancer Symposium Current State of Adjuvant Chemotherapy Mark Kris
Kyphoplasty Eric Lis
RFA/Cryoablation Stephen Solomon
Strategies to Overcome Acquired Resistance to EGFR TKIs Vincent A Miller
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