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Biology: Whitehead Institute

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
March 2, 2014 Alzheimer’s Disease – From Fundamental Insights to Light at the End of the Translational Tunnel (Q8) What Are the Toxic Species of Tau, Abeta and alpha-Synuclein (Joint) Registered attendees can view abstracts starting on 02/02/2014 Susan L Lindquist
February 4, 2014 Cancer Epigenetics (Q1) Transcription Factors and Cofactors Registered attendees can view abstracts starting on 01/04/2014 Richard A. Young
Programming and Reprogramming (Joint) Registered attendees can view abstracts starting on 01/04/2014 Richard A. Young
April 6, 2013 AACR Annual Meetings Mutations in Epigenetic Regulators in Cancer Chairperson: Scott A. Armstrong, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY Richard A. Young
Obesity, Energy Balance, and Metabolism Chairperson: Eileen P. White, UMDNJ-The Cancer Institute of New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ David M Sabatini
Metabolism and Signaling in Cancer Chairperson: Eyal Gottlieb, The Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, Glasgow, United Kingdom David M Sabatini
February 3, 2013 Neurogenesis (J7) Welcome and Keynote Address Susan L Lindquist
January 20, 2013 Tumor Invasion and Metastasis Cancer stem cells and the mechanisms of metastatic dissemination Robert A Weinberg
May 7, 2012 Proteomics, Interactomes Deciphering Complex Protein Folding Diseases Susan L Lindquist
August 20, 2011 20th Annual Short Course on Experimental Models of Human Cancer Mechanisms of malignant progression Robert A Weinberg
May 26, 2011 Idibell Cancer Conference on Metastasis and Angiogenesis Keynote Lecture | EMT, Cancer Stem Cells, and HIgh-Grade Malignancy Robert A Weinberg
February 12, 2011 Cancer Control by Tumor Suppressors and Immune Effectors (J8) Dendritic Cells (J7) | Title to be Determined Hidde Ploegh
September 27, 2010 25th Annual Critical Issues in Tumor Microenvironment, Angiogenesis and Metastasis: from Bench to Bedside to Biomarkers Molecular Mechanisms of Tumor Progression and Metastasis Robert A Weinberg
June 12, 2010 Genetics 2010: Model Organisms to Human Biology Session 3: Models of Disease Susan L Lindquist
Session 2: Sex and gene expression David Page
June 1, 2010 Emerging Themes in Infection Biology New Tools to Study Virus Entry and Assembly: Sortagging Flu Hidde Ploegh
June 11, 2008 6th ISSCR Annual Meeting Panel Alexander Meissner
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology Actin Dynamics Regulate a Biophysical Maturation Switch in Focal Adhesions. Peng Ji
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