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Cell Biology: Imperial College of London

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
December 13, 2015 Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence Conference 2015 Session 2: Discovery Science and Target Identification Henning Walczak
September 3, 2015 Cancer Diagnosis & Therapy Congress Molecular targeted therapeutics: Focus on drug resistance Hani Gabra
June 24, 2014 Microbiology after the Genomics Revolution (Genomes 2014) Use of zebrafish to study septin biology and bacterial autophagy in vivo Serge Mostowy
January 8, 2014 Synthetic Biology Registration & Buffet Lunch Tom Ellis
October 16, 2013 Infectious Disease Genomics and Global Health Application of schistosome population genetics and genomics for elucidating disease dynamics and evaluating control. Joanne P. Webster
Session 4: Parasites and vectors Joanne P. Webster
June 7, 2013 Cardiac Biology - From Development to Regenerative Medicine Unmasking Phenotypic Micro-heterogeneities in Adult Cardiac Progenitor Cells: Clonal Analysis, Fate Mapping, and Single Cell QRT-PCR Michael D Schneider
November 15, 2011 Cosa 38th Annual Scientific Meeting The number of cancers caused by occupation in the UK Lesley Rushton
Best of the Best posters: Patterns of Care Lesley Rushton
October 10, 2011 The 13th annual World Vaccine Congress Lyon is the vaccine conference addressing all major vaccine markets including Influenza, HPV, Pneumococcal and Meningococcal. Putting faith in potential market blockbusters; global meningococcal franchise development David G McIntosh
July 10, 2011 Nutritional Immunology: Role in Health and Disease Using parasite-rodent models for interactions between immunity and metabolism Jasmina Saric
January 9, 2011 NK and NKT Cell Biology: Specificity and Redundancy of Innate Responses (A4) Imaging NK cell interactions | Colorado Ballroom Daniel M Davis
April 11, 2010 Molecular Targets for Control of Vector-Borne Diseases: Bridging Lab and Field Research (F2) Olfaction, Host Seeking and Behavior | Big Horn C Flaminia Catteruccia
September 21, 2009 Live-Cell Imaging Multidimensional Fluorescence Imaging for Cell Biology, High-Content Analysis and Label-Free Imaging Paul French
May 18, 2009 Fifth Annual Biomalpar Conference on Biology and Pathology of the Malaria Parasite Keynote lecture: Flaminia Catteruccia Flaminia Catteruccia
March 23, 2009 StemCONN: Connecticut's International Stem Cell Research Symposium UK and US Research Collaborations Wei Cui
November 11, 2008 3rd Annual European Post- Translational Modifications EUROCarbDB – bioinformatics resources for glycomics Alessio Ceroni
May 7, 2008 2nd annual Lab-on-a-Chip World Congress Lab on Chip in Channel Elctrochemical Detection for Liquid Chromotography Pei Ling Leow
May 4, 2008 GRC Discussion Richard Reynolds
Commentary and Discussion Richard Reynolds
April 6, 2008 Islet and Beta Cell Development and Transplantation The Molecular Machinery of Insulin Secretion Guy A. Rutter
February 7, 2008 Cell Death and Cellular Senescence Cytotoxic Mechanisms, Granzymes, and Death Receptors Henning Walczak
January 13, 2008 Chemokines and Chemokine Receptors Workshop 1: Chemokine Immunobiology and Signaling Antje Margret Wengner
January 13, 2008 Pathological and Physiological Regulation of Cardiac Hypertrophy Cardiac Remodeling Michael D Schneider
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology SUMO-2/3 Modifi cation and Binding Regulate the Association of CENP-E with Kinetochores and Progression through A. C. G. Porter
At the Limits: Optical Methods for Single Molecules, Cells, and Organisms Paul French
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