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Cell Biology: University of Berkeley

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
June 24, 2014 Microbiology after the Genomics Revolution (Genomes 2014) Nicole King, University of California, Berkeley, USA Nicole King
February 27, 2011 Evolutionary Developmental Biology (C1) The Origin of Animals Nicole King
The Origins of Complexity Nipam H. Patel
Developmental Insights from the Study of Newly Emerging Model Species Nipam H. Patel
Macroevolution Michael Levine
Discussion: Research Frontiers in Evo-Devo Michael Levine, Nicole King
Transcriptional Precision in the Drosophila Embryo Michael Levine
August 16, 2010 Systems Biology of Development Plenary lecture Michael Levine
June 20, 2010 Human Variation: Cause and Consequence Population Genetics | Carlos D. Bustamante Carlos Bustamante
June 1, 2010 Emerging Themes in Infection Biology Exploitation of the actin cytoskeleton by bacterial and viral pathogens M D Welch
June 8, 2009 The Business of Genomics Commercializing Technology from Universities - A UC Berkeley Perspective Irvin J. Mettler
March 25, 2008 THE STEM CELLS CONGRESS Understanding and Reversing Stem Cell Aging Irina Conboy
February 10, 2008 DNA Replication and Recombination Architecture of Replication and Recombination Complexes James Berger
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology An RNAi Screen Identifi es Profi lin and Other Host Cytoskeletal Proteins Required for Rickettsia Actin-based Motility. M D Welch
Heterochromatin Formation in Fission Yeast. W Zacheus Cande
The Role of the Ndc1 Complex in Nuclear Pore Complex Assembly Karsten Weis
Cdc42 Modulates Exocytosis of Apical Proteins to Form the Lumen during Epithelial Morphogenesis K E Mostov
November 29, 2007 Cell Signalling and Novel Cancer Therapeutics EGFR and differences between antagonists John Kuriyan
July 28, 2007 Lipid Droplets: Metabolic Consequences of the Storage of Neutral Lipids Regulation of adipocyte lipolysis Hei Sook Sul
July 7, 2007 LYMPHOCYTES AND THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Mechanisms Targeting and mistargeting of the V(D)J recombinase Mark Schlissel
June 9, 2007 Mitosis: Spindle Assembly and Function In vitro assays to study spindle assembly Rebecca W Heald
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