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Cell Biology: Stower Institute

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
May 10, 2011 The Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms, Regulating Skeletal Muscle, Development and Regeneration N.N. Olivier Pourquie
January 10, 2011 Histone Code: Fact or Fiction? (A6) Histone Code: Fact or Fiction? - The Debate | Matterhorn Ballroom Ali Shilatifard
October 27, 2010 Colorectal Cancer: Biology to Therapy Targeting dormant drug-resistant cancer stem cells Linheng Li
June 11, 2008 6th ISSCR Annual Meeting Session I B: Stem Cell Microenvironments Linheng Li
Session IV C: Stem Cell Patterning Robb Krumlauf
TITLE TBD Robb Krumlauf
February 24, 2008 Tumor Suppressors and Stem Cell Biology Tumor Suppressors and the Environmental Control of Stem Cells Linheng Li
February 7, 2008 Cell Death and Cellular Senescence Telomeres and Senescence Chunying Du
February 3, 2008 Regulatory Mechanisms in Eukaryotic Transcription Transcriptional Co-Activators Joan W Conaway
Transcriptional Elongation and Coupling to mRNA Processing Joan W Conaway
Role of Chromatin in Transcriptional Mechanisms Jerry L Workman
December 13, 2007 Stem Cells 2007 Inseparable relationships between stem cells and the niche: lessons from Drosophila Ting Xie
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology Minisymposium 2:Cell Cycle Sue L. Jaspersen
The Budding Yeast SUN Protein Mps3 Interacts with Sir4 and Functions as a Telomere Anchor at the Nuclear Periphery Sue L. Jaspersen, J M Bupp, A E Martin
Cell-Type Variation in Responses to Anti-mitotic Drugs. Ting Xie
Chromatin Architecture and Remodeling Jerry L Workman
ATAC Is a Double Histone Acetyltransferase Complex That Stimulates Nucleosome Sliding. Bing Li, T Suganuma, J Gutierreze, L. Florens, M P Washburn, Jerry L Workman
Interactions between Stem Cells and Their Niche in the Drosophila Ovary Ting Xie
High-throughput Image Analysis for Spectroscopy-based Measurements to Examine RNA Splicing and Protein-Protein Interactions Joel W. Schwartz, C. H. J. Cooper
June 9, 2007 Mitosis: Spindle Assembly and Function Assembly of the spindle pole body half-bridge in budding yeast Elizabeth Erickson
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