3D Tissue Models

Cytokine: University of California, San Diego

Total Score People Score Events Score
6 5 6
Date Event Presentation Speakers
January 17, 2014 (J3) Keystone Symposia: Emerging Cytokine Networks Inflammation and Cancer Registered attendees can view abstracts starting on 12/17/2013 Michael Karin
January 5, 2014 Gordon Research Conference: Protein Folding Dynamics Probing the Interplay of the Folding and Functional Energy Landscapes of Designer Cytokines Pat Jennings
August 14, 2011 Gastrointestinal Tract XIV: Stem Cells, Adaptation, Inflammation and Cancer Session 5 | Epithelial Cells and Inflammation Kim Barrett
February 26, 2011 Immunity in the Respiratory Tract: Challenges of the Lung Environment (X6) Lung Innate Immunity and Disease: First Line of Defense to Disease | Innate Immune Responses in Asthma Patricia W. Finn
February 26, 2011 Mucosal Biology: A Fine Balance between Tolerance and Immunity (X5) Immunity in Respiratory Tract (X6) | Innate Immune Responses in Asthma Patricia W. Finn
December 7, 2008 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MATRIX BIOLOGY 2008 Meeting Clonal Expansion and Adhesive Signaling Mark Ginsberg,
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