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Drug Design: Bristol-Myers Squibb

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
September 7, 2014 EFMC-ISMC 2014 - XXIII International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry Session Chair Samuel BONACORSI
Design, Synthesis and Development of Lysophosphatidic Acid Receptor 1 (LPA1) PET Radioligands for Lung Receptor Occupancy Imaging Samuel BONACORSI
August 25, 2010 Co-Development of Drugs and Diagnostics Challenges of Co-Development of Therapeutics and Companion Diagnostics Andrea H. Lauber
April 27, 2010 Anti-inflammatories: Small Molecule Approaches Optimization of a Series of Tricyclic Inhibitors of 1 Kappa B Kinase Inhibitors and Efficacy in Chronic Murine Models of Arthritis William Pitts
April 6, 2010 IBCs 5th Annual China 2010 Pharmaceutical R&D Summit 1 Key Factors to be Considered for Clinical Development in Emerging Markets Ruiping Dong
1 Chairperson's Opening Remarks Ruiping Dong
November 3, 2009 ASAP-CHI Bio-Pharma Alliance Summit, Driving success with Effect ive Biotech/ Pharma Alliances A Case Study: The Albany Molecular Research, Inc.-Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Neuroscience Collaboration as a Successful Biotech - Pharmaceutical Alliance Timur Güngör
November 2, 2009 Seventh Annual Strategic Resource Management TABLE 6: Incorporating a “Globalized” Workforce and Other Resourcing Options into Capacity Management Balu Balasubramanian
Chairperson’s Remarks Balu Balasubramanian
September 23, 2009 Track 3: Advancing Cancer Therapy : Second Annual Translational Cancer Medicine Combination Approaches for the Treatment of Solid Tumors: Opportunities and Obstacles in the Era of Targeted Therapy Jon M Wigginton
June 10, 2009 Second Annual Hepatotoxicity and Drug Safety The Challenges of Predicting Metabolism-Mediated Toxicity In Vitro Frederic Moulin
June 9, 2009 RNAi for Target Identification and Validation Use of RNAi Screens with Physiologically Relevant Cell Models to Identify Novel Therapeutic Targets Namjin Chung
April 7, 2009 Kinase Inhibitor Chemistry - Charting the Chemical Space Binding Modes of Fragment-Like Kinase Inhibitors Keith Constantine
April 1, 2009 Stability Testing Optimal handling of OOS and OOT results within long term stability studies Stephen Grier
March 10, 2009 7th Annual In-House Counsel Forum on Government Regulation of Prescription Drug Pricing Antitrust Considerations in Pricing Harvey Kaish
February 23, 2009 2nd Annual Latin America Clinical Trials Trial Logistics Elaine Rahal
February 23, 2009 Advances and Progress in Drug Design VIII p38 MAP KINASE INHIBITORS: A CASE STUDY IN STRUCTURE-BASED DRUG DESIGN Arthur M Doweyko
February 9, 2009 Immunogenicity for Biologics 2009 Challenge to establish proper confirmatory assay cut point Dong Geng
February 8, 2009 CHEMISTRY IN CANCER RESEARCH: A Vital Partnership in Cancer Drug Discovery and Development Session 5: Chemistry in Support of Lead Optimization/Case Histories I Aaron Balog
February 3, 2009 Ramanbhai Foundation 4th International Symposium ---Ramanbhai Foundation 4th International Symposium--- “Advances in Cardiometabolic Research - Basic Science and Clinical Aspects” "SGLT2 Inhibition: A Novel Approach to the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes" Jean Whaley
January 27, 2009 4th Annual Aseptic Filling and Processing ICH Q8. Q9 & Q10: A one stop and critical update on the aspects you should be aware of Barbara Sambuco
January 26, 2009 Biomarker Assay Development Moving Beyond Fit-for-Purpose: Use of Lean Practices to Accelerate Biomarker Assay Development Russell S Weiner
Validation and Implementation of Flow Cytometric Assay to Evaluate Pharmacodynamic Biomarkers in Clinical Study Dianna Wu
January 26, 2009 Translational Cancer Medicine COMBINATION THERAPIES : Combination Approaches for the Treatment of Solid Tumors: Opportunities and Obstacles in the Era of Targeted Therapy Jon M Wigginton
January 26, 2009 7th Annual Partnering with Central Labs Track A : Risk Management for Global Studies Raphaële Mary
Track B : Imaging Regulatory Environment Shift Strategies Beth Sabatino
January 12, 2009 Model Based Drug Development IN SILICO MODELING : Using Innovative Modeling and Simulation Strategies in the Development of Therapeutic Monocolonal Antibodies Chee Ng
January 5, 2009 High Content Analysis Developing Enterprise-Level IT Solution to Support High-Content Screening Experiments Michael Lenard
Evaluation of High-Content Analysis Platforms to Support GPCR Screening Andrea Weston
Studying GPCR Trafficking Using Automated HCS Tools Ying Jie Zhu
November 26, 2008 4th Annual Audits and Inspections for Clinical Trials and Pharmacovigilance Strategies for successful audit procedures: quality management through risk assessment Kristel Vandevoorde,
November 17, 2008 Mastering Process Chemistry Genotoxic Impurities in Pharmaceuticals: A Regulatory Perspective David Ziering
November 17, 2008 BIO-Europe 2008 What Buyers Want: Understanding What Big Pharma Expect to See in Out-Licensing Documents Lubor Gaal
November 12, 2008 11th Advanced Forum on Structuring, Negotiating and Managing Pharma/Biotech Collaborative Agreements Leveraging Intellectual Property: Negotiating Exclusivity, Co-Promotes and Other Critical Terms to Accelerate Development and Maximize Profits Timothy Herpin
October 12, 2008 15th North American Regional Meeting - International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics Integrating ‘omics’ technologies into Safety Evaluation and Risk Assessment Lois-Lehman McKeeman
September 29, 2008 Genomic Biomarkers Discovery of Gene Expression-Based Pharmacodynamic Biomarkers in Tumor Immunotherapies Zenta Tsuchihashi
June 18, 2008 Accelerating Anticancer Agent Development and Validation Workshop Faculty Renzo Canetta, Giuseppe Giaccone, Ashok Batra
Panelists Renzo Canetta
May 30, 2008 ASCO Annual'08 Meeting clinical trials-- Choice of Comparator in Pivotal Phase III Clinical Trials: Clinical Versus Regulatory Standard of Care Steven D. Averbuch
clinical trials-- Endpoints for Immunotherapy Studies: Design and Regulatory Implications Axel Hoos
international-- Choice of Comparator in Pivotal Phase III Clinical Trials: Clinical Versus Regulatory Standard of Care Steven D. Averbuch
tumor biology-- Endpoints for Immunotherapy Studies: Design and Regulatory Implications Axel Hoos
March 25, 2008 2008 BIOPHARMA OUTSOURCING The Evolution of Complex Strategic Alliances and Sourcing – Where is Big Pharma Headed? Balu Balasubramanian
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology Post-Cytokinetic DNA Segregation by ATPases That Form DNA-Conducting Channels Lois Burton
November 28, 2007 Second Annual Portfolio Management: Creating a Portfolio for Optimal Productivity Nov (28-29) INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: How Can We Translate These Lessons Learned from other industries into Helpful Tools for Pharma? (11:05-11:50) Mike Voth
Perspectives on In-licensing and Pipeline Sustainability in Portfolio Management (14:40-15:20) Mike Voth
November 15, 2007 Second Annual Drug Development India : Planning and Managing Drug Discovery & Development Activities Nov(15-16) PRECLINICAL DEVELOPMENT AND CHALLENGES (15:30-18:45) Pankaj Shah
PRECLINICAL DEVELOPMENT AND CHALLENGES: INTERACTIVE PANEL :Partnership and Outsourcing Deals in India – Successes and Failures (17:00-17:45) Pankaj Shah
November 13, 2007 Advances in Metabolic Profiling Metabolomics as a tool for Biomarker Discovery Karl Heinz
November 7, 2007 Bridging the Business Development/Alliance Management Interface Nov(7-8) The Evolution of the Lexicon Phamaceuticals/ Bristol-Myers Squibb Alliance - The Business Development/Alliance Management Interface from the Biotech Perspective (16:15-17:00) Teresa Faria
October 17, 2007 Inaugral Nuclear Harmone Receptors Modulators: Targets for Drug Discovery Oct (17-18) DISCOVERY CHEMISTRY (08:35-12:55) Lawrence G. Hamann
DISCOVERY CHEMISTRY: Tissue Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (11:25-11:55) Lawrence G. Hamann
October 16, 2007 Fifth Annual RNAi for Drug Discovery and Therapeutics - Best Practices from the Bench to the Clinic Oct (16-17) RNAi FOR IN VIVO TARGET VALIDATION: Validation of Drug Targets Through in vivo Application of siRNA Oligonucleotides (16:30-17:00) Siew Ho
October 11, 2007 Compound Profiling & Chemogenomic Approaches to Drive Decision Making and Predict Clinical Adverse Effects (Oct 11-12) SELECTING LEADS AND DETECTING ADVERSE ACTIVITY: Characterizing the Multiple Activities of Kinase Inhibitors (15:05-15:35) Petra Ross-Macdonald
October 2, 2007 IVT 's Lab Week Chairperson's Opening Remarks Barry Scheer
Building Science into Stability Studies Barry Scheer
Panel Discussion: Capturing Science into the Understanding/Prediction of Stability Data Barry Scheer
September 17, 2007 Biomarker Discovery Summit: Bridging the Silos in Biomarker Discovery & Validation (Sep17-19) Third annual Genomic Biomarkers: PHARMACOGENETICS: Changing the Benefit/Risk Profile Using Pharmacogenetics (09:05-09:35) Koustubh Ranade
Third annual Genomic Biomarkers: PHARMACOGENETICS (08:30-11:30) Koustubh Ranade
Third annual Genomic Biomarkers: VALIDATION OF GENOMIC BIOMARKERS: Discovery and Validation of Biomarkers Affected by Brivanib and Erbitux (11:30-12:00) J. Suso Platero
Third annual Genomic Biomarkers: VALIDATION OF GENOMIC BIOMARKERS (11:30-14:00) J. Suso Platero
September 10, 2007 Drug Development In China: Strategies for launching Discovery and Development activities Interactive Panel Discussion#3 (11:30-12:15) Balu Balasubramanian
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