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Epidemiology: University of Pennsylvania

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
January 13, 2016 21st Annual Boston Atrial Fibrillation Symposium 2016 (BAFS 2016) Optimizing the Safety and Effectiveness of Pulmonary Vein Isolation Part II Francis Marchlinski
Trigger Ablation for Persistent Atrial Fibrillation David Frankel
Prevalence and Distribution of Non PV Focal Triggers in Persistent AF: Location, Identification and Effect of AF Duration and Gender Francis Marchlinski
July 21, 2013 54th Annual Short Course on Medical and Experimental Mammalian Genetics Saturday, July 27 Afric an Genomics: Implications for S tudies of Human Evolution and D isease Sarah A. Tishkoff
Friday, August 2 Gene Therapy for Genetic Disease Katherine A. High
May 31, 2013 ASCO Annual Meeting 2013 Rationally Combining Targeted and Pathway-Specific Agents Keith T Flaherty
Pushing the Limits of Upfront Care and Drug Development: Neoadjuvant Opportunities in Breast Cancer Angela DeMichele
Multiplex Genetic Testing for Inherited Cancer Risk: Pros and Cons Susan M. Domchek
Education Sessions Robert H. Vonderheide
April 6, 2013 AACR Annual Meetings Current Concepts on Emerging Targets in the Treatment of Melanoma Co-Chairpersons: Keith Thomas Flaherty, Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, Boston, MA, and Boris C. Bastian, UCSF Cardiovascular Research Institute, San Francisco, CA Keith T Flaherty
Change for the Worse: Premalignant Metaplasia in the Stomach, Esophagus, and Pancreas Chairperson: Steven D. Leach, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD Anil K Rustgi
Hypoxia-Induced Metastasis Chairperson: M. Celeste Simon, Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA M. Celeste Simon
Whole Body Metabolism and Cancer Chairperson: Philipp E. Scherer, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX M. Celeste Simon
July 15, 2012 53rd Annual Short Course on Medical and Experimental Mammalian Genetics African Genomics: Implications for Studies of Human Evolution and Disease Sarah A. Tishkoff
March 25, 2012 ISA 2012 - XVI International Symposium on Atherosclerosis Concurrent Workshop 23 | HDL and Reverse Cholesterol Transport | Bayside Gallery B Mike Phillips
December 13, 2011 New Horizons in Cancer Research: Biology to Prevention to Therapy Welcome and Opening Remarks Anil K Rustgi
Day in Review Anil K Rustgi
Day in Review Anil K Rustgi
Day in Review Anil K Rustgi
July 28, 2011 International Conference on Biomedical Ontology Enriching the Ontology for Biomedical Investigations (OBI) to Improve its Suitability for Web Service Annotations Chris Stoeckert
April 11, 2011 Advanced Pediatric Emergency Medicine Assembly Ophthalmologic Emergencies in Children Part II | Traumatic Eye Injuries Gil Binenbaum
Ophthalmologic Emergencies in Children Part I | Findings You Don’t Want to Miss Gil Binenbaum
November 7, 2010 Ninth Annual International Conference on Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research Pharmacogenetics of nicotine dependence treatment: Implications for targeted therapy Caryn Lerman
Novel strategies for the early detection of solid cancers through vascular biomarkers George Coukos
Pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma Katherine L. Nathanson
Concurrent Sessions 11 : Advances in the Genetics and Treatment of Cancer Susceptibility Syndromes Katherine L. Nathanson
September 30, 2010 Third AACR Conference on The Science of Cancer Health Disparities An epidemiologist’s perspective Timothy R. Rebbeck
Educational Session 1: The Whether, How, and When of Race in Cancer Disparities Research: Three Viewpoints Timothy R. Rebbeck
Case Presentation 1: Preoperative Therapy Weijing Sun
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