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Oncology: University of California, Davis

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
February 10, 2014 Predictive Preclinical Models in Oncology Bridging Tumor Genomics to Therapeutics through Patient Derived Xenografts (PDXs) David R. Gandara
June 10, 2013 2nd International Conference on Gastroenterology & Urology Track 7 & 8 : Significance of puborectalis muscle in pelvic floor disorders Ravinder Mittal
May 31, 2013 ASCO Annual Meeting 2013 Education Sessions David R. Gandara
May 18, 2011 SBI 10th Postgraduate Course Recurring Medical Legal Pitfalls In Breast Imaging | How To Avoid Them R. James Brenner
Q&A Roundtable With The Experts: Imaging Challenges Karen K. Lindfors
February 11, 2010 5th Annual Symposium on PET/CT and Molecular Imaging What is the SUV Cut-Off for Lung Cancer? David K. Shelton
Use of PET/CT in Judging Response to Therapy David K. Shelton
Integrated MRI/PET Scanners: Technology Update David K. Shelton
November 21, 2009 11th Annual UCSF/UC Davis Thoracic Oncology Conference Decision-Making Process for Lung Cancer David R. Gandara
LOCALLY ADVANCED NSCLC David R. Gandara, Primo N. Lara, Tina Li
Welcome and Introduction David R. Gandara
Spiral CT Screening- ACRIN Trial and World Perspective David K. Shelton
ESOPHAGEAL CANCER David T. Cooke, Derick Lau
Case Presentation/Roundtable Discussion Allen Chen
The Need For New Paradigms in Stage III NSCLC Improving Combined Modality Approaches Primo N. Lara
Targeting the Cancer Stem Cell Tina Li
Small Cell Lung Cancer – Has There Been Any Progress in It’s Treatment Derick Lau
October 26, 2009 Advanced Imaging Course Update Breast Density As Risk Factor R. James Brenner
Preventable Causes of False Negative Mammograms R. James Brenner
MRI of Breast Tumors R. James Brenner
Oncology – Breast Imaging David K. Shelton
Imaging of Metabolic and Inflammatory Diseases of the CNS Richard E. Latchaw
Imaging of the Normal and Abnormal Bone Marrow Sheri L. Albers
Imaging of Acute Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Stroke Richard E. Latchaw
Imaging of Common Neck Disorders Arthur B. Dublin
Tumors of the Posterior Fossa James A. Brunberg
Masses of the Skull Base Arthur B. Dublin
Imaging of Perinatal Asphyxia James A. Brunberg
Meet the Professor: Neuroradiology Richard E. Latchaw
Special Lecture: Wines and Vines Michael H. Reid
PET In Staging of Breast Cancer David K. Shelton
Contrast Media Toxicity–What’s New Richard W. Katzberg
Dose Reduction CT–New Protocols Ramit Lamba
Venous Imaging and Ablation Daniel P. Link
Lung Cancer Update: Innovations in Diagnostic and Therapy Elizabeth H. Moore
Percutaneous Chest Biopsy Elizabeth H. Moore
Cardiac Findings on Routine Chest CT Elizabeth H. Moore
Thoracic Imaging Elizabeth H. Moore
Advance Imaging Techniques in Inflammatory Arthritis John C. Hunter
New MRI Strategies in MSK Thaddeus Laird
Liver Hepatitis/Cirrhosis Imaging Bijan Bijan
MDCT of the Pancreas Marijo A. Gillen
MDCT of Colitis Ramit Lamba
Pediatric Abdominal CT/MR/US Sandra W. Gorges
MDCT of Focal Liver Masses Ramit Lamba
Making Sense Out of Arthritis Eva M. Escobedo
MR/MR Arthography of The Elbow Walter H. Mak
Sclerosing Dysplasias of Bone: A Target Site Approach Adam Greenspan
Enostosis (Bone Island): Who Cares? Adam Greenspan
Imaging of Pelvic, Hip and Groin Pain in The Athlete John C. Hunter
MR/MR Arthography of The Wrist Walter H. Mak
Cartilaginous Lesions of Bone: Pitfalls in Diagnosis Adam Greenspan
MSK Imaging John C. Hunter
March 25, 2008 Molecular Diagnostics Polymerase Chain Reaction: A Quarter Century of Pioneering Discovery and Promises for the Future Henry Lee
March 25, 2008 PATHWAY ANALYSIS Polymerase Chain Reaction: A Quarter Century of Pioneering Discovery and Promises for the Future Henry Lee
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