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Giulia Pagliarani

University of Bologna,

Bologna, IT
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Giulia Pagliarani graduated in Agricultural Biotechnology in 2006. After the degree, she started her PhD program at the Agricultural Science Department of Bologna University studing the apple allergen gene families, their genomic organization and gene expression, within the European project ISAFRUIT. During her PhD she spent 8 months (April-November 2008) at the Department of Plant Breeding (Wageningen University and Research, WUR, The Netherlands) under the supervision of Dr Eric van de Weg. In 2010 she defended her PhD thesis with the title “Genomic and transcriptional analysis of the allergen genes in apple (Malus x domestica)”. Till the end of 2010 she worked as PostDoc researcher at the Agricultural Science Department of Bologna University, within the Italian project ‘Drupomics' on the development of SNPs for high-throughput genotyping of peach using the Sequenom® MassARRAY Sysyem. She collaborate in the ‘Progetto Strategico d'Ateneo' (acronym: Crossallergenicity) on food and pollen allergies. She worked also on the characterization of transgenic and cisgenic apple plants for scab resistance, in collaboration with the Plant Pathology Group of the Prof Gessler, Institute of Integrative Biology, ETH, Zurich. In the period 2011-2012 she worked as PostDoc researcher at the Plant Breeding Department (WUR) with Dr. Eric van de Weg on the developing of molecular markers for plant resistance to P.fragariae var. fragariae within a MAS project on strawberry. From April 2013 she is a PostDoc researcher at the Agricultural Science Department of Bologna University and she is involved in the international FruitBreedomics project for the development of a SNP array on apple and in the Italian AGER project for the gene expression studies on apple allergens with qPCR and RNA-Seq techniques. Author of 7 international papers and other publications in International ISHS Congress Proceedings on fruit trees breeding and biotechnology.
Bio agra Genetics, Genetics & Molecular Biology
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Plant Biotechnology, Gene expression studies, Plant molecula breeding
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  • qPCR & Digital PCR Congress (2013)
  • MAB enabling DNA markers for red stele root rot resistance in strawberry (2012)
  • Genomic rearrangements, duplications and signatures of breeding in the allo-octoploid strawberry as revealed through an allele dose based SSR linkage map. (2012)
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  • Simulated environmental criticalities affect transglutaminase of Malus and Corylus pollens having different allergenic potential. (2014)
  • Genomic organisation of the Mal d 1 gene cluster on linkage group 16 in apple. (2012)
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