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Grant Support

Start year End year Title Source Position
1. 1998 2011 NIH Characterizing the Zebrafish Genome PI
2. 2009 NIH Human Pluripotent Stem Cell and Progenitor Models of Cardiac and Blood Diseases Co-PI
3. 2009 NIH Stem Cell Engagement of the Niche PI
4. 2004 2009 NIH Comparative Genetics of the DiGeorge Syndrome Genes Core PI
5. 2007 HSCI Stem Cell Self-renewal PI
6. 2003 2007 NIH Fetal Globin Silencing in Zebrafish (R01) PI
7. 2002 2005 NIH Comparative Approach to the Stem Cell (U01) PI
8. 2002 2004 NIH Diabetes-susceptibility genes through zebrafish genetics PI
9. 2003 NIH Cancer Biology in the Zebrafish PI
10. 1997 1998 NIH Zebrafish RH Panel Construction, Directors Fund PI
11. 1997 NIH A Comparative Approach to Globin Regulation/Thalassemia PI
12. 1994 NIH A Center for Molecular Development Hematopoiesis PI
13. 1991 1994 Regulation of mast cell gene transcription by the hematopoietic DNA-binding protein GATA-1 Hoffmann-LaRoche PI
14. 1992 NIH Embryonic hematopoiesis PI
15. 1990 1992 Regulation of the major Erythroid transcription factor (GF-1) in normal and abnormal hematopoiesis in children Hood Foundation PI
16. 1989 1992 The erythropoietin ligand-receptor interaction NIH PI
17. 1991 1991 HIV infection of human megakaryocytes NIH Co-PI

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