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Grant Support

Start year End year Title Source Position
1. 2012 2009 High-throughput FAIRE for chromatin-based diagnosis and drug screening UNC University Cancer Research Fund
2. 2012 2009 Genome-wide identification of active regulatory elements in fresh and archival human cancers UNC University Cancer Research Fund
3. 2010 2012 Interactions between genes and lamin A/progerin: a window to understanding progeria pathology and treatment Progeria Research Foundation Medical Research Grant
4. 2009 2011 Identifying disease-related functional regulatory variants in open chromatin NIH/NIDA
5. 2009 2011 A pilot project to clone FAIRE fragments into an enhancer GFP reporter plasmids, which would allow us to assign enhancer function to open chromatin regions en masse ARRA
6. 2009 2011 Identification of DNA Elements Governing Chromatin Function in C. elegans NIH/NHGRI
7. 2007 2011 NA The V Foundation for Cancer Research Scholar
8. 2007 2011 Comprehensive Identification of Active Functional Elements in Human Chromatin NIH/NHGRI
9. 2007 2011 Identification of DNA Elements Governing Chromatin Function in C. elegans NIH/NHGRI
10. 2005 2011 Genomic Approaches to DNA-binding Specificity in vivo NIH/NIGMS
11. 2009 NA NIH/NHGRI
12. 2009 Gene Expression Patterns in Human Tumors Identified Using Transcript Sequencing NIH/NCI
13. 2008 2009 Identification of Active Regulatory Elements in Human Breast Tumors Using FAIRE UNC University Cancer Research Fund
14. 2006 2008 Regulation of Nucleosome Stability as a Mediator of Chromatin Function North Carolina Biotechnology Center
15. 2004 2007 STAGE and FAIRE for Regulatory Element Identification NIH/NHGRI
16. 2005 2006 Rationalization of Gene Regulation by Genome Analysis NIH/NIGMS

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