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Presentation Event Month, Year
Molecular Med Tri-Conference 2018 Molecular Med Tri-Conference 2018 February, 2018
Latent Metastasis Co-Chairpersons: Klaus Pantel, University Medical Center Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany, and Frank J. Rauscher III, The Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, PA AACR Annual Meetings April, 2013
Circulating tumor cells: Biology and relevance for cancer therapy Tumor Invasion and Metastasis January, 2013
Circulating tumor cells in cancer patients | Detection, biology and clinical implications Idibell Cancer Conference on Metastasis and Angiogenesis May, 2011
Cancer Micrometastasis and Circulating Tumor Cells 33rd Annual CTRC-AACR San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium December, 2010
Cancer micrometastasis and circulating tumor cells Joint Metastasis Research Society-AACR Conference in Conjunction with the Tumor Microenvironment Working Group of the AACR September, 2010
Circulating Tumor Cells Towards Personalized Cancer Medicine May, 2010
Detection, clinical relevance and specific biological properties of disseminating cancer cells in breast cancer patients SAN ANTONIO BREAST CANCER SYMPOSIUM December, 2008
General Session I: Minimal Residual Disease and Circulating Tumor Cells 44th ASCO Annual Meeting October, 2008
Detection, Molecular Characterization, and Clinical Relevance of Minimal Residual Disease in Patients with Solid Tumors Joint Metastasis Research Society-AACR Conference on Metastasis August, 2008
SESSION 6: SIGNALING: INFORMATION FLOW IN METASTATIC CELLS Joint Metastasis Research Society-AACR Conference on Metastasis August, 2008

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