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Honors and Awards

Start year End year Honor Organization
1. 2002 2011 NIDA Merit Award Na
2. 2009 2010 D.O. Hebb Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award American Psychological Association
3. 2005 James McKeen Cattell Dissertation Award NY Acad. Sciences
4. 2000 2005 Senior Scientist Award National Institute of Drug Abuse
5. 2003 Chair Gordon Research Conference on Catecholamines, Queen’s College, Oxford, UK
6. 2001 Vice-Chair Gordon Research Conference on Catecholamines
7. 2001 Elliot S. Valenstein Collegiate Professorship in Behavioral Neuroscience NA
8. 1998 Outstanding Faculty Service Recognition Award Neuroscience Program, University of Michigan
9. 1995 Excellence in Research Award Literature, Science & Arts College
10. 1992 Alumnus of the Year Award University of Lethbridge
11. 1989 Charter Fellow The American Psychological Society
12. 1988 Fellow American Association for the Advancement of Science
13. 1984 1984 Research Career Development Award NIH
14. 1977 1978 Postdoctoral Fellowship National Research Council of Canada
15. 1974 1977 National Research Council of Canada Postgraduate Scholarship University of Western Ontario
16. 1974 Summer Scholarship from the Canadian Non-Medical Use of Drugs Directorate University of Western Ontario
17. 1973 University Graduate Scholarship University of Saskatchewan
18. 1973 Summer Scholarship from the Canadian Non-Medical Use of Drugs Directorate University of Lethbridge
19. 1972 Alberta Government Scholarship University of Lethbridge
20. 1972 George Ellis Summer Research Scholarship University of Lethbridge
21. 1972 Natural Science Prize University of Lethbridge
22. 1971 Thomas J. Watson Bursary University of Lethbridge

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