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Patents Pending

Patent pending Patent pending date Investigators
1. Methods to Potentiate Cancer Therapies April, 2004 B. Seed and R. K. Jain
2. Modulation of Multicellular Aggregates by Pressure from Growth in a Matrix April, 2002 G. Helmlinger, P. Netti, R.J. Melder, H. Lichtenbeld-Dubois, and R.K. Jain.
3. Therapeutic Use of bFGF to Treat Conditions Involving Adhesion of Cytotoxic White Cells to Endothelium January, 2000 R.K. Jain, R.J. Melder, G.C. Koenig, and L.L. Munn
4. Method of Enhancing Delivery of a Pharmaceutical Formulation March, 1999 P. Netti and R.K. Jain
5. Method for Locating Tumors Prior to Needle Biopsy March, 1995 R.K. Jain, Y. Boucher, A. Stacey-Clear, R. Moore and D. Kopans

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