3D Tissue Models

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Patents Pending

Patent pending Patent pending date Investigators
1. Derivation of three-dimensional retinal tissue from human stem cells. September, 2011 Turovets N., Agapova L., Turovets I., Ostrowska A., Janus J
2. Methods and compositions for treating inflammatory dermatomes. March, 2011 Semechkin R., Semechkin A., Agapova L., Turovets N
3. Derivation of high purity definitive endoderm from human pluripotent stem cells using an in vitro analog of the primitive streak May, 2010 Turovets N., Semechkin A., Janus J., Agapova L.
4. Method for physiological isolation of high purity cell populations. April, 2010 Turovets N., Agapova L., Semechkin A., Janus J.
5. Methods of deriving differentiated cells from stem cells. December, 2009 Turovets N., Agapova L.
6. Topical skin care compositions and methods. August, 2009 Semechkin A., Turovets N., Agapova L., Semechkin R., Janus J.
7. Patient-specific stem cell lines derived from human parthenogenetic blastocysts. April, 2008 Revazova E.S., Kuzmichev L.N., Turovets N.A., Janus J.D.

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