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Grant Support

Start year End year Title Source Position
1. 2009 Predictive markers of a combination cetuximab and sorafenib response and toxicity Bayer Correlative Study Fund Principal Investigator
2. 2008 2009 The role of Human Papilloma Virus in deregulation of microRNAs in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Radiation Therapy Oncology Group Seed Grant Principal Investigator
3. 2008 2009 Insulin-like growth factor I receptor as a therapeutic target in non-small cell lung cancer Vanderbilt Lung SPORE Pilot Grant Principal Investigator
4. 2007 2009 Predictive markers of efficacy and toxicity in head and neck patients treated with Oxaliplatin and Pemetrexed Lilly Oncology Research Fund Principal Investigator
5. 2007 Molecular signatures on HNSCC in response to targeted therapies National Institutes of Health Principal Investigator
6. 2004 2007 Molecular Determinants of Cell Invasion Vanderbilt/Astra-Zeneca Alliance Research Fund Principal Investigator
7. 2005 Gene expression-based outcome prediction in head and neck cancer Damon-Runyon Clinical Investigator Principal Investigator
8. 2003 2005 Head and neck tumor classification based on gene expression profiles and its clinical implication. Vanderbilt Physician-Scientist Principal Investigator
9. 2003 2005 Gene expression as predictor of metastasis in HNSCC R21: National Cancer Institute Principal Investigator

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