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Pre/Non Reviewed Papers, Proceedings

Year Title Authors
1. 2007 TB in Corrections: Constant Companion and Future Scourge
2. 2006 HIV Care in Correctional Settings, How do we Measure Up?
3. 2005 HIV Infection in incarcerated Women.
4. 2003 Hepatitis B, C, and HIV Post-exposure Prophylaxis in Correctional Settings.
5. 2002 HIV Treatment Update for Correctional Providers
6. 2002 HCV in Corrections: Frontline or Backwater?
7. 2002 Preparing for Bioterrorist Threats in Corrections.
8. 2001 Women incest survivors in prison. An open letter from a prison doctor to those who care for women living with HIV
9. 2001 Alarming statistics about incarcerated women.
10. 2001 Open Letter from a Prison Doctor.
11. 2001 Treatment Update for Correctional HIV providers: News from Chicago
12. 2001 HCV: The Correctional Conundrum
13. 2001 Infections Behind Bars: Hepatitis C: A Correctional-Public Health Opportunity.
14. 2001 The new HAART: What it means for Prisoners
15. 2001 Urgency and optimism at the AIDS Vaccine 2001 conference.
16. 2001 Immunotherapy of HIV: On the Horizon?
17. 2000 Corrections on the National Conference Agenda: Update from the 24th NCCHC
18. 2000 The Correctional Doctor's Dilemma: Hepatitis C Treatment
19. 2000 HIV Infection among Incarcerated Women: an Epidemic behind the Walls.
20. 2000 HIV Management Guidelines: News and Trends
21. 1999 Women in Prison: The Impact of HIV.
22. 1999 Update from the 6th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (Part One).
23. 1999 Update from the 6th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections

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