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Speaking/Presenting-Abstract/Poster at Mtg

Topic Authors / presenters Event name Event date
1. International Congress of Endocrinology, Kyoto, Japan January, 2010
2. Annual Meeting of the Keratinocyte Study Group, Otsu, Japan January, 2009
3. 14th International Workshop on Vitamin D, Brugge, Belgium January, 2009
4. Endocrine Society Science Writers Conference: Vitamin D: The new miracle hormone? January, 2009
5. Vitamin D Deficiency: Mercy Medical Center, Redding, CA January, 2009
6. IBMS Sun Valley Workshop: Musculoskeletal Biology January, 2009
7. Vitamin D Deficiency: Kaiser Hospital January, 2008
8. Endocrine Society Annual Meeting Symposium January, 2008
9. Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. Johns, NF, Canada January, 2008
10. VA expert panel on male osteoporosis, Washington, DC January, 2007
11. McGill University, Shriners Hospital Visiting Professor, Montreal, Canada January, 2007
12. Update in Internal Medicine, Spokane Society of Int Med, Spokane, WA January, 2007
13. Genzyme Forum on Vitamin D January, 2007
14. Advances in Mineral Metabolism, Snowmass January, 2006
15. Advances in Endocrinology, UCSF, San Francisco January, 2006
16. Endocrine Grand Rounds, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine January, 2006
17. ASBMR Meeting on the Contemporary Diagnosis and Treatment of Vitamin D Related Disorders; Arlington, VA January, 2006
18. ASBMR annual mtg plenary session: Vitamin D: From Bench to Bedside January, 2006
19. Amgen Forum on Calcium Induced Bone Loss January, 2006
20. Thirteenth International Workshop on Vitamin D, Victoria, Canada January, 2006
21. Newfoundland Bone Meeting, St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada January, 2006
22. Endocrine Society Ann Mtgs January, 2005
23. National Therapeutics Experts Forums Annual Mtg January, 2005
24. Speakers Forum, New York City January, 2005
25. Medical Grand Rounds, VAMC, San Francisco January, 2005
26. Endocrine Grand Rounds, UC San Diego January, 2005
27. Endocrine Grand Rounds, UCSF San Francisco January, 2004
28. Advances in Internal Medicine, UCSF, San Francisco January, 2004
29. Advances in Endocrinology, UCSF, San Francisco January, 2004
30. Hormonal and Mechanical Regulation of Bone, Tokyo, Japan January, 2004
31. American Institute for Cancer Research International Research Conference on Food, Nutrition, and Cancer, Washington, DC January, 2004
32. Cancer Chemoprevention and Cancer Treatment: Is there a role for vitamin D, 1,25(OH)2D3, or new analogs? NCI/NIH/Vitamin D Workshop January, 2004
33. Twelfth International Workshop on Vitamin D, Maastricht, Netherlands January, 2003
34. University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (3 lectures) January, 2003
35. 18th Annual Orthopaedic Research Meeting of the Japanese Orthopaedic Assn, Kitakyushu, Japan January, 2003
36. DeLuca Symposium in Vitamin D January, 2002
37. Vitamin D Receptor Action: Advances in mineral metabolism January, 2002
38. Endocrine Days January, 2002
39. Medical Grand Rounds, VAMC, San Francisco January, 2002
40. Vitamin D analogs in Cancer Prevention and Therapy. Homburg/Saar, Germany January, 2002
41. American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology January, 2002
42. Medical Grand Rounds, VAMC, San Francisco January, 2001
43. Ashland Endocrine Symposium January, 2001
44. Advances in Vitamin D: Advances in mineral metabolism January, 2000
45. Endocrine Scholars Lecture, University of Connecticut, Farmington, CN January, 2000
46. Eleventh International workshop on Vitamin D, Nashville, TN January, 2000
47. Modern Trends in Skin Pharmacology: Molecular and Clinical Aspects, Athens, Greece January, 2000
48. Rasmussen Biological Communications Symposium January, 2000
49. UCSF - Fresno Special Lecture Series January, 2000
50. Visiting Professor, Washington University, St. Louis, MO January, 2000
51. Kaiser Hospital, Santa Theresa, CA, Medical Ground Rounds January, 1999
52. Eli Lilly invited lecture, Indianapolis, IN January, 1999
53. NASA/URSA Biomedical Investigators Workshop January, 1999
54. American Federation for Aging Research, Washington, D.C. January, 1999
55. Focus on Postmenopausal Health January, 1998
56. Vitamin D Research Frontiers, ASBMR January, 1998
57. Osteoporosis Symposium, St. Petersburg, FL January, 1998
58. New Concepts in Vitamin D Action: Advances in Mineral Metabolism, Snowmass, CO January, 1998
59. Japanese Society for Bone Histomorphometry, Okayama, Japan January, 1998
60. Symposium on New Treatments for Osteoporosis, Okayama, Japan January, 1998
61. The Vitamin D Endocrine System, Bratislava, Slovakia January, 1998
62. American Academy of Dermatology, Internal Medicine in Dermatology Symposium January, 1997
63. Metra Symposium on Bone Markers January, 1997
64. Medical Grand Rounds, Napa State Hospital January, 1997
65. Vitamin D and Breast Cancer, Mt. Zion Hospital January, 1997
66. Breast Cancer Research Program, DOD, Washington, D.C. January, 1997
67. Shizuoka Forum on Health and Longevity, Japan January, 1997
68. Research Symposium on Vitamin D, Tokushima University, Japan January, 1997
69. Endocrine Grand Rounds, Baylor College of Medicine January, 1997
70. Tenth International Workshop on Vitamin D, France January, 1997
71. Endocrine Grand Rounds, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, D.C January, 1997
72. Endocrine Grand Rounds, Casper Medical Center, Wyoming January, 1997
73. Sequoia Hospital, Redwood City, CA January, 1996
74. Milan Uskokovic Vitamin D Symposium, Brown University January, 1996
75. Clinical Dermatology 2000, Vancouver, Canada January, 1996
76. Thora Halstead Symposium, American Society for Gravitation and Space Biology January, 1996
77. Clinical Conference Washington Hospital, Washington, D.C. January, 1995
78. Research Seminar, New Jersey School of Medicine January, 1995
79. European Society of Dermatologic Research, Aarhus, Denmark January, 1995
80. International Conference on Hormones and Cytokines in Bone, Osaka, Japan January, 1995
81. Ninth Annual Symposium on Long Term effects of estrogen deprivation January, 1995
82. Research Seminar, National Cancer Institute, NIH January, 1995
83. Society for Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes of South Africa, annual meeting January, 1994
84. Ninth International Workshop on Vitamin D, Orlando Florida January, 1994
85. Fondation Rene Touraine Pour la Recherché in Dermatologie, Paris, France January, 1994
86. Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, Vitamin D Symposium, San Diego, CA January, 1994
87. Second International Symposium on Calcipotriol, Monaco January, 1993
88. Symposium on Bone and Calcium Metabolism in Space, Tokyo, Japan January, 1993
89. Research Seminar, Chugai Research Laboratories, Gotemba, Japan January, 1993
90. Research Seminar, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan January, 1993
91. Research Seminar, Hoffmann-LaRoche, Basel, Switzerland January, 1993
92. Research Seminar, Hoffmann-LaRoche, Nutley, NJ January, 1993
93. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Symposium on Environmental Risk Factors for Osteoporosis, Research Triangle, NC January, 1993
94. Clinical Conference, Healdsburg General Hospital January, 1992
95. National Osteoporosis Foundation Workshop January, 1992
96. Conference on Space Flight and Bone Metabolism, Tokyo, Japan January, 1992
97. Eighth International Workshop Vitamin D, Paris January, 1991
98. Clinical Conference, Providence Hospital, Oakland, CA January, 1991
99. Symposium on Calcium Differentiation of Keratinocyte Regulation, Western Society for Investigative Dermatology January, 1990
100. Third International Symposium on Osteoporosis, Glostrup, Denmark January, 1990
101. Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney Endocrine Group January, 1989
102. University of Osaka, Pediatric Research Group January, 1989
103. Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Medical Grand Rounds (annual) January, 1989
104. Japanese Bone Forum, Tokyo and Osaka, Japa January, 1989
105. Royal North Shore Hospital Bone and Mineral Symposium, Sydney, Australia January, 1989
106. University of Sydney Skin Research Group January, 1989
107. Symposium on Endocrine, Metabolic, and Immunologic Functions of Keratino­cytes January, 1988
108. Seventh International Workshop on Vitamin D, Rancho Mirage, CA January, 1988
109. Stanford University, Endocrine Research Conference January, 1987
110. University of Texas, Galveston, Medical Conference January, 1987
111. Endocrine Society Postgraduate Assembly January, 1987
112. University of Iowa, Medical Conference January, 1987
113. Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, Washington January, 1986
114. Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Endocrine Grand Rounds (annual) January, 1986
115. Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Endocrine Research Seminar (annual) January, 1986
116. Annual Meetings of the American College of Physicians January, 1983
117. Sepulveda VA Hospital January, 1983
118. Eighth International Conference on Calcium Regulating Hormones, Kobe, Japan January, 1983
119. Second International Workshop on Calcium and Phosphate Transport a­cross Membranes, Vienna, Austria January, 1983
120. Letterman Army Institute of Research, San Francisco, Research Seminar January, 1981
121. Good Samaritan Hospital, San Jose, California January, 1981
122. Symposium on Hormonal Regulations of Epithelial Transport of Ions and Water January, 1981
123. Washington University, Saint Louis, Missouri, Visiting Scientist January, 1981
124. VAMC, Martinez, California, Endocrine Conference January, 1980
125. Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, Visiting Scientist January, 1980
126. Annual Meetings of the American College of physicians January, 1979
127. NASA Symposia on Calcium and the Cellular Responses to Gravity January, 1979
128. Walter Reed Army Medical Center Seminar, Washington, D.C January, 1977

Site wide Speaking/Presenting-Abstract/Poster at Mtg

Presentation Event Month, Year
Vitamin D – More than Good for Bones G Diabetes Update and Advances in Endocrinology and Metabolism March, 2010
Split Session C: Molecular Signaling via Hedgehog and Wnt Pathways in Skin Cancer The 2008 Research Conference on Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity & Cancer November, 2008

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