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Membership in Professional Societies

Professional association Start year End year Title Comments
1. Dept. of Biology, University of Copenhagen 2006 2010 Professor of Evolutionary Biology
2. The Shino-Danish Sequencing Centre (a collaboration between the Copenhagen sequencing centre and BGI) 2009 Chief Director
3. National Tissue Bank and Sequencing Facility 2009 Chief Director
4. University of Copenhagen 2009 Professor National History Museum
5. Centre of Excellence in GeoGenetics 2009 Chief Director
6. FNU Centre for Ancient Genetics 2005 2009 Chief Director
7. Dept. of Zoology, Oxford University, UK 2005 2007 Visiting Professor
8. the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen 2005 2006 Professor (MSO) of Ancient DNA
9. Dept. of Zoology, Oxford University, UK 2003 2005 Wellcome Trust Fellow (Independent Postdoctoral Researcher)
10. Anderson Cancer Research Centre, University of Texas, US 2002 Research visitor MD

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