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Patents Pending

Patent pending Patent pending date Investigators
1. A Robotic System for Real-time Tumor Manipulation during Image Guided Breast Biopsy August, 2009 N. Sarkar, T.K. Podder, V. Mallapragada
2. Method and Apparatus to Effect Easy Advance of Manual Insertion of Needle into Tissue December, 2000 L. Liao, T.K. Podder, Y. Yu, and W.S. Ng
3. Multi-channel Robotic System for Concurrent Delivery of therapeutic Agents December, 2000 T.K.Podder, Y. Yu, and W.S. Ng
4. Robotic Feedforward Radiation Therapy July, 2000 T.K.Podder, and Y. Yu
5. Real-time Tumor Motion Compensation and Dynamic Planning using Partial Transmission High-speed Tracking Multi-leaf Collimator and Eelectromagnetic Sensors July, 2000 T.K.Podder, and Y. Yu
6. Ultrasound Guided Seed Delivery System for Radiation Therapy April, 2000 Y. Yu, W.S. Ng, T.K. Podder, and Y. Zhang
7. Phantom for Image-guided Prostate Seed Implant January, 2000 T.K. Podder, J. Sherman, V. Misic, Y. Yu

3D Tissue Models
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