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Pre/Non Reviewed Papers, Proceedings

Year Title Authors
1. 2008 Calibration of Image-guided Robotic System for Prostate Brachytherapy”, Medical Physics, Vol.35, No.6, AAPM Annual Meeting
2. 2008 Parameter Optimization for Brachytherapy Robotic Needle Insertion and Seed Deposition
3. 2008 Resonant X-ray Irradiation of High-Z Nanoparticles for Cancer Theranostics
4. 2008 Innovative Instrumentation for Resonant Cancer Theranostics
5. 2006 Orthogonal compound ultrasound with JPEG 2000 record keeping and image manipulation system.
6. 2004 Bouquet brachytherapy: the feasibility and optimization of conically spaced implants.
7. 2002 An ultrasound-based seed detection method for dynamic brachytherapy of the prostate.
8. 2001 Okunieff, P. Intraoperative Treatment Planning and Guidance for Prostate Brachytherapy: Results of a Prospective Randomized Study
9. 2001 Automatic segmentation of prostate in transrectal ultrasound imaging. RSNA 2000 Annual Meeting Hot Topic presentation.
10. 1999 Real-time sonographic determination of pubic arch interference for brachytherapy: More cost-effective and accurate than CT.
11. 1998 Real Time OR-based Optimized Planning for Prostate Brachytherapy
12. 1997 Network-enabled autonomous treatment planning in radiotherapy: decision and optimization
13. 1997 Stereotactic radiosurgery - An overview and new developments
14. 1997 Towards a statistically relevant calibration endpoint for prostate seed implants
15. 1997 A systematic study of clinically relevant optimization for stereotactic radiosurgery
16. 1997 Risk estimate of fatal hemoptysis following high dose rate endobronchial brachytherapy using dose-volume and dose-length analysis,
17. 1997 Time series analysis of medical accelerator daily output. Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 35 Suppl
18. 1996 Application of case-based reasoning for treatment planning optimization in stereotactic radiosurgery.
19. 1996 MR Image-guided portal verification for brain treatment field
20. 1996 Broncial mucosal tolerance following high dose rate endobronchial brachytherapy: clinical and laboratory correlates in late complication assessment of fatal hemoptysis.
21. 1996 genetic algorithm for the optimization of stereotactic radiosurgery plans.
22. 1995 A genetic algorithm for the optimization of prostate implants
23. 1995 A dynamic collimator system for stereotactic irradiation of intracranial lesions
24. 1994 Quantitative assessment and dose specification of Iodine-125 permanent implants.
25. 1993 Dosimetric characterization of a multileaf collimator.
26. 1993 Technique for delivering boost dose in intraoperative radiation therapy

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