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Membership in Professional Societies

Professional association Start year End year Title Comments
1. NIH 2009 2009 Ad Hoc Member, NCI Subcommittee J, Population and Patient Oriented Training
2. NIH 2009 2009 Temporary Member, NCI IRG Subcommittee A (parent committee-Cancer Centers)
3. NIH 2009 2009 Reviewer, Grand Opportunity Applications in Clinical/Early Phase/Translational/Correlative Research
4. DOD 2009 2009 Reviewer, Ovarian Cancer Research Program Idea Development Award and Collaborative Translational Research Award
5. NIH 2009 2009 Member, Site Visit Team, Duke University Cancer Institute
6. NIH 2008 2009 Member, Special Emphasis Panel/Scientific Review Group
7. NIH 2005 2009 Member, Radiation Therapeutics and Biology Study Section

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