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Grant Support

Start year End year Title Source Position
1. 2009 2010 Exact Sciences - 6 month budget in: Exact Sciences. Funded by Exact Sciences. Program Director / Principal Investigator
2. 2008 2010 N064B - Stool assays performed by Dr. Ahlquist in: N064B - Randomized Phase II Trial of Panitumumab, Erlotinib, and Gemcitabine vs. Erlotinib and Gemcitabine in Patients with Untreated, Metastatic Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Funded by Amgen. Co-Program Director / Principal Investigator
3. 2008 2008 Innovative, inter-disciplinary practice model for the evaluation and treatment of advanced colorectal neoplasia Funded by AS-INTERNAL MEDICINE. Co-Investigator
4. 1998 2008 CTC of the Unprepped Colon: Optimization and Validation Funded by National Cancer Institute. (R01 CA 75333) Co-Investigator
5. 2001 2007 Colorectal Cancer Screening: Fecal Blood vs DNA. Funded by National Cancer Institute. (U01 CA 89389) Principal Investigator
6. 2001 2007 EXACT Laboratories Portion of the NCI/MTAP Multicenter Study Budget for Mayo and NCCTG. Funded by EXACT Corporation. (EXACT #5) Principal Investigator
7. 2001 2007 CCOP EXACT Study in: Community Clinical Oncology Program Funded by National Cancer Institute. (U10 CA 37404) Principal Investigator
8. 1996 2007 Development Funds: Project 2 in: Community Clinical Oncology Program Funded by National Cancer Institute. (U10 CA 37404) Principal Investigator
9. 2001 2003 Development Budget - Oswald Gift Funded by Development. Principal Investigator
10. 1999 2003 Detection of Supracolonic Aerodigestive Cancers by Assay of DNA Alterations in Stool: A Pilot Study Using the Exact Test Funded by EXACT Corporation. (EXACT 3) Principal Investigator
11. 1998 2003 Screen detection of colorectal neoplasia by DNA-based assay (EXACT test): Comparison with fecal occult blood testing Funded by EXACT Corporation. (Exact 1) Principal Investigator
12. 1997 2002 CT Colography: Validation and Virtual Preparation. Funded by National Cancer Institute. (R011-CA-75333-01A1) Co-Investigator
13. 1996 2002 Fecal Colonocyte Screening for Colorectal Neoplasia Funded by National Cancer Institute. (R01 CA 71680) Principal Investigator
14. 2001 2001 A Prospective, Randomized Comparison of Endoscopic Colonic Stenting and Conventional Surgical Therapy for Colonic Obstruction Funded by American Digestive Health Foundation. Co-Investigator
15. 1998 2001 Immunoassay for Colorectal Cancer Screening Using PCA 33.28 to Detect a Tumor-Associated Antigen in Stool: Development and Testing Funded by International Bioimmune Systems, Inc Principal Investigator
16. 1998 2001 Prevalence of Ileal Neoplasms in Familial Adenomatous Polyposis Patients After Ileostomy of Ileoanal Anastomosis. Funded by CR Programs. Principal Investigator
17. 1997 2000 Assay Testing Funded by Bard Interventional Products Division. Principal Investigator
18. 1997 2000 Clinical validation of a fecal DNA-based assay for colorectal cancer screening Funded by EXACT, Inc. Principal Investigator
19. 1996 2000 The Quantitative Fecal Calprotectin Assay for Identifying Inflammatory and Neoplastic Gastrointestinal Diseases Funded by Nycomed Incorporated. (Nycomed 2) Co-Investigator
20. 1998 1999 Endoscopic Identification and Quantification of Aberrant Crypt Foci in Human Colon Funded by CR Programs. Co-Investigator
21. 1997 1999 TGF-B1 and TGF-alpha levels in Patients with Adenomatous Polyps and Colorectal Carcinoma - A Two Part Pilot Study Funded by CR Programs. Co-Investigator
22. 1995 1999 Cancer Risk Assessment: Clinical and Molecular Tools Funded by National Cancer Institute. (R01 CA 68535) Consultant
23. 1996 1997 Fecal calprotectin assay for detection of gastrointestinal pathology Funded by Nycomed. Co-Investigator
24. 1994 1996 Novel Stool Screening Markers For colorectal Neoplasia: An Exploration Of Feasibility Funded by Mayo CR20 Funding. Principal Investigator
25. 1991 Oncology Program. Funded by National Cancer Institute Project A/Administration in: Community Clinical Co-Investigator
26. 1985 1990 HemoQuant Detection of Colorectal Neoplasia. Funded by National Cancer Institute. (R01 CA-39765) Principal Investigator
27. 1982 1983 Validation of a Quantitative Fecal Hemoglobin Assay. Funded by Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation. Principal Investigator

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