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Start year End year Title Source Position
1. 2008 2010 A translational project to study dose-escalated focused radiation therapy (RT) in combination with a pancreatic allogeneic granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor (GM-CSF) secreting tumor vaccine in thc management of pancreatic cancer. AACR Career Development Principle Investigator
2. 2006 2010 A Randomized, Phase II Trial of TNFerade Biologic with 5-FU and Radiation Therapy for FirstLine Treatment of Unresectable Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer The goal of this study is to assess the safety ofTNFerade biologic when administered concurrently with 5-FU and radiation therapy as first-line treatment of unrcsectable locally advanced pancreatic caneer. In addition, to determine the dose to be used for evaluation in the randomized study phase. GenVcc Co-Investigator
3. 2006 2010 Phase II Trial of Bevacizumab Combined with Transarterial Chemoembolization (T ACE) for Hepatoccllular Carcinoma Genentech Co-investigator
4. 2005 2010 Phase 1I Study of Erlotinib (TarcevaTM) Combined with Chemoradiation and Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Patients with Resectable Pancreatic Cancer Genentech PI
5. 2009 The purpose of this study is to assess the use, usefulness, and acceptability of a website designed to collect paticnt-reported outcomes from canccr outpatients and link the data with the electronic medical record. NIH-National Cancer Institute Principal Investigators: Claire Snyder, PhD and Albert Wu, MD, MPH
6. 2006 2008 The Effects ofJ-D Conformal Radiation on Orthotopic Human Pancreatic Xenografts Treated with Mesothelin Directed Vaccines. Johns Hopkins Hospital Principal Investigator
7. 2006 2008 A Clinical Trial Comparing Preoperative Radiation Therapy and Capecitabinc with or without Oxaliplatin with Preoperative Racliation Therapy and Continuous Intravenous Infusion of 5- Fluorouracil with or without Oxaliplatin in the Treatment of Patients with Operable Carcinoma of the Rectum NSABP Co-Investigator
8. 2006 2008 A Phase II Trial ofNeoadjuvant Chemotherapy and Local Excision for uT2uNO Rectal Cancer The goal of this study is to dctermine the rate of disease-free survival at 3 years in ultrasoundstaged uT2uNO rectal cancer patients treated with CRT followed by LE. ACOSOG Co-Investigator
9. 2005 2008 To prospectively collect serum and peripheral blood lymphocyte samples from subjects with pancreatic and peri-ampullary cancer, pancreatitis or other non-malignant pancreatic conditions, from healthy, at-risk volunteers and hom healthy, no-risk volunteers, in order to identify novel targets for therapeutic interventions and response to treatments. Pancreatic Cancer Serum and Peripheral Blood Lymphoeyte Repository Co-Investigator
10. 2007 Longitudinal Cohort Study of Quality of Life and Transitoriness in Patients with Pancreatic Cancer: Pancreatic Cancer: Primary Investigator: Timothy M. Pawlik, M.D.
11. 2006 2007 Study Evaluating the Therapeutic EiTicaey of the XIAP Inhibitor (XAntag) and Focal Radiation in Pancreatic Cancer Xenografts. Johns Hopkins Hospital Co-Principal Investigator
12. 2006 A Phase II Trial ofNeoadjuvant Gemcitabine and Oxaliplatin with Radiation for Resectable Pancreatic Cancer: Multi-Institutional Trial. Funding Source: Sanofi-Aventis PI
13. 2004 2005 Evaluated whether inhibition ofp21 with SiRNA enhances the radiation sensitizing effects of phenyl butyrate (l-rDAC) on glioma cell lines. $150,000 over two years (direct and indirect costs). University of Michigan Principal Investigator:
14. 1995 2000 Conducted an epidemiological study on Lyme disease sequelae. Department of Health and Mental Hygiene/UMAB School of Medicine
15. 1998 1998 Developed an IFA to detect antibodies to HHV -8 antigens in Kaposi's Sarcoma patients. NIH Principal Investigator:
16. 1995 1995 Conducted mutation analysis on Gaucher disease utilizing several molecular genetic techniques including automated DNA sequencing and polymerase chain reaction (IOCR). National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, Maryland)

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