3D Tissue Models

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Patents Pending

Patent pending Patent pending date Investigators
1. MART-1 T Cell Receptors for the Treatment of Cancer January, 2010 David Baltimore, James S. Economou, Antoni Ribas, Lili Yang, Pin Wang.
2. Nucleic Acid Tetramers for High Efficiency Multiplexed Cell Sorting January, 2010 James R. Heath, Gabriel Kwon, Antoni Ribas, Caius Radu, Owen N. Witte
3. Cancer Targeting through ROBO4 January, 2010 James S. Economou, Hermes J. Garban, Antoni Ribas, Manuel Penichet.
4. Methods and Compositions for Treating Hepatocellular Cancer August, 2006 Lisa H. Butterfield, James S. Economou, Antoni Ribas.

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