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Speaking/Presenting-Abstract/Poster at Mtg

Topic Authors / presenters Event name Event date
1. surveillance for hepatocellular carcinoma Deutscher Krebskongress, Berlin February, 2010
2. imaging in focal liver lesions Falk Symposium, Titisee, Germany February, 2010
3. Akute Pankreatitis, interventionelle Therapie Falk Symposium, Titisee, Germany February, 2010
4. interventional radiology in mesenteric ischemia IROS, München January, 2010
5. radiology for gastroenterolgists, refreshercourse DGVS, Augsburg October, 2009
6. PTCD with ultrasound? DGVS, Hamburg October, 2009
7. Chronic mesenteric ischemia ESGAR, Valencia June, 2009
8. chronic pancreatitis, refreshercourse DRK, Berlin May, 2009
9. acute abdomen, imaging DRK, Berlin May, 2009
10. technique of PTCD, video session DGE-BV, München March, 2009
11. focal liver lesions, CT and MRI Expert summit, München February, 2009
12. Annual Meeting Bavarian Röntgen-Society January, 2009
13. Annual Meeting DGE-BV (German Society for Endoscopy and Imaging modalities) January, 2009
14. acute abdomen, film reading session, refresher course DRK, Berlin May, 2008
15. diagnostic in small bowel disease, refresher course DRK, Berlin May, 2008
16. imaging in acute abdomen, basics, refresher course DRK, Berlin May, 2008
17. Percutaneous drainage of pancreatic and extrapancreatic fluid collections: when and how? ESGAR, Lissabon March, 2008
18. what is new in imaging of the small bowel? DGE-BV, Mannheim February, 2008
19. Do MR imaging with tissue-specific contrast agents improve the detection and characterisation of focal liver lesion? DGE-BV, Mannheim February, 2008
20. percutaneous necrosectomy in acute pancreatitis DGVS, Bochum September, 2007
21. what is new in virtual colonography? DGVS, Bochum September, 2007
22. GIST, refresher course DRK, Berlin May, 2007
23. conventional chest imaging – systematic analysis, refresher course DRK, Berlin May, 2007
24. Acute and chronic intestinal ischemia, refresher course DRK, Berlin May, 2007
25. standards and perspectives in gastroenterology – imaging Gastroenterologisches Seminar Leipzig January, 2007
26. Update acute pancreatitis – interventional radiology DIVI, Hamburg November, 2006
27. imaging of the pancreas, refresher course Bayerischer Röntgenkongress Bamberg October, 2006
28. Diagnostic and staging of pancreatic adenocarcinoma - percutaneous biopsy, an update ESGAR, Crete, Greece June, 2006
29. pancreatitis – interventional radiology, refresher course DRK, Berlin May, 2006
30. diagnostic radiology in ICU, refresher course DRK, Berlin May, 2006
31. imaging of pancreatic tumors DGE-BV, München March, 2006
32. imaging of tumors of the liver and pancreas – treatment planning Bremer Krebskongress, Bremen November, 2005
33. Diverticulitis – indications and controversies in imaging techniques Falk Symposium, München June, 2005
34. Film reading session DRK, Berlin May, 2005
35. acute pancreatitis, abscess drainage Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chirurgie und Viszeralmedizin, Berlin May, 2005
36. interventional radiology – bile ducts and acute pancreatitis, refresher course DRK, Berlin May, 2005
37. IBD – which imaging? DGE-BV, Stuttgart March, 2005
38. abscess drainage Olbert Symposium, München January, 2005
39. mesenteric ischemia, tutorial DIVI, Hamburg December, 2004
40. one stop shopping� – imaging of the GI-tract Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany October, 2004
41. Akute Pankreatitis – Imaging and intervention DGVS, Essen June, 2004
42. virtual colonoscopy – ready for screening? DGIM, Wiesbaden April, 2004
43. virtual colonoscopy DGE-BV, München March, 2004
44. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in patients with IBD: a new method to assess disease activity Falk Symposium, Freiburg October, 2003
45. quo vadis CT – pancreatitis Benjamin Franklin Universität, Berlin September, 2003
46. TACE – liver metastasis Düsseldorf, Germany August, 2003
47. cross sectional imaging of the GI-tract Lüneburg, Germany August, 2003
48. Conventional colonoscopy and virtual colonoscopy DGIM, Wiesbaden April, 2003
49. ECR 2003 Film reading session ECR Wien, Austria March, 2003
50. Film Reading Session ECR January, 2003
51. acute pancreatitis – imaging and intervention DIVI, Hamburg November, 2002
52. diagnosis and interventional therapy in acute pancreatitis Sylt, Germany October, 2002
53. virtual colonoscopy – pros and Falk Symposium, Stuttgart October, 2002
54. HCC-TACE Sylt, Germany October, 2002
55. HCC – TACE Velden, Austria April, 2002
56. focal liver lesions – CT Leipzig March, 2002
57. CT of malignant Lymphoma of the abdomen und pelvis Universitätsklinikum Köln March, 2002
58. Does radiology replace endoscopy? Zentralklinikum Augsburg February, 2002
59. Conventional colonoscopy vs. virtual colonoscopy Salzburg October, 2001
60. MR-enteroclysis – virtual endoscopy of the small bowel and techniques of reconstruction Benjamin Franklin Universität, Berlin November, 2000
61. Annual Meeting Bavarian Röntgen Society January, 1997
62. CM-application in spiral CT Konsensuskonferenz, Berlin January, 1995

Site wide Speaking/Presenting-Abstract/Poster at Mtg

Presentation Event Month, Year
MRI enterography: Is it the future of small bowel diagnostics? The Keys to IBD 2010: Treatment, Diagnosis and Pathophysiology March, 2010

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