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Grant Support

Start year End year Title Source Position
1. 2010 Present Biomarkers in diabetic retinopathy The Joan & Peter Clemenger Trust
2. 2009 Present The impact of fluid mechanics on wound healing after glaucoma surgery - an engineering based approach NHMRC
3. 2009 Present NHMRC
4. 2009 Present National Health and Medical Research Council
5. 2010 Oxidative phosphorylation regulation and neuroprotection in optic neuropathies. NHMRC
6. 2010 Integrating health technology assessment and service delivery and organisation to maximise health gains NHMRC
7. 2010 IOP treating project Alcon
8. 2010 Gone (Glaucoma Optic Nerve Evaluation) Project Allergan
9. 2010 How does glucose protect the retina and optic nerve against ischaemia? NHMRC
10. 2008 2010 The effect of aging and mitochondrial dysfunction on optic nerve response to intraocular pressure-induced oxidative stress� NHMRC
11. 2009 OPA-1 processing and mitochondrial dysfunction in glaucoma Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia
12. 2009 Glaucoma optic nerve evaluation project Helen Macpherson Smith Trust
13. 2009 APP processing in glaucoma Peggy and Leslie Cranbourne Trust
14. 2009 Identifying therapeutic targets to help prevent vision loss from glaucoma Dorothy Edols Trust
15. 2009 Characteristics of auditory function in individuals in glaucoma ORIA New Investigator/Glaucoma Australia Inc
16. 2009 The effect of glaucoma risk factors on amyloid precursor processing in retinal ganglion cells American Health Assistance Foundation
17. 2008 2009 Complex-I defects and retinal ganglion cell response to oxidative stress Alcon Laboratories
18. 2008 State Trustees Australia Foundation
19. 2008 Oxidative Phosphorylation defects and the optic nerve response to acute IOP injury in the xenomitochondrial mouse Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia
20. 2008 APP processing in glaucoma Peggy and Leslie Cranbourne Trust
21. 2007 University of Melbourne
22. 2007 Eye Research Foundation, CERA
23. 2006 2007 Age-related mitochondrial dysfunction & and the vulnerability of retinal ganglion cells to oxidative stress in Glaucoma Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia
24. 2006 Henry & Miriam Glaucoma Research Trust
25. 2006 Neuroprotective effect of dietary restriction on retinal ganglion cells in the Thy-1-CFP mouse Glaucoma Research Foundation, USA.
26. 2006 Eye Research Foundation, CERA
27. 2006 Age-related vulnerability of the optic nerve to glaucoma damage Dorothy Edols Trust
28. 2006 Clive & Vera Ramaciotti Foundation
29. 2005 Age-related changes in outflow facility in the Cola-1-transgenic mouse Stein Institute Aging Research Grant, UCSD, USA
30. 2005 Effect of FP receptor signalling on MMP expression in the mouse eye National Institutes of Health, USA
31. 2004 24-hour IOP lowering effect of Travatan (UCSD 2004-4075) ALCON
32. 2004 Aqueous humor dynamics and MMP expression after repeat application of latanoprost in FP knockout mice Pfizer Fellows Award for Excellence in Glaucoma Research
33. 2004 TGF-beta in the resolution of ocular wound healing. National Health & Medical Research Council
34. 2002 Priming Tenon’s fibroblast to Fas-induced apoptosis Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia
35. 2002 Fibroblast apoptosis in conjunctival wound healing Keeler Award - Royal College of Ophthalmologists
36. 1995 1998 Wellcome

3D Tissue Models
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