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1. 2009 B cell receptor-mediated sustained c-Rel activation facilitates late transitional B cell survival through control of B cell activating factor and NF-κB2. J.Immunol. 182:7729.
2. 2008 Human BLyS facilitates engrftment of human PBL derived B cells in immunodeficient mice PLoS ONE 3: e3192 .
3. 2008 Expanded CD34+ human umbilical cord blood cells generate multiple lymphohematopoietic lineages in NOD-scid IL2rgnull mice. Expt. Biol.Med. 233: 997.
4. 2008 A new Hu-PBL model for the study of human islet alloreactivity based on NOD-scid mice bearing a targeted mutation in the IL- 2 receptor gamma chain gene Clin. Immunol. 126: 303.
5. 2008 Multiple signaling pathways promote B lymphocyte stimulator dependent B cell growth and surviva Blood 111:750.
6. 2007 Bruton s tyrosine kinase mediates NF-kappa B activation and B cell survival by a B -cell activating factor receptor of the TNF-R family. J. Immunology. 179:3872.
7. 2006 BLyS and B cell homeostasis Seminars in Immunolougy. 18:318-326.
8. 2005 Inducible DNA breaks in Ig S regions are dependent on AID and UNG J. Expt. Med. 202 : 561-568
9. 2004 B1b Lymphocytes confer T cell-independent long lasting immunity Immunity 21: 379-390.
10. 2003 Resolution of relapsing fever Borreliosis requires IgM and B1b lymphocytes J.Immunol. 170 : 3819-827.
11. 2002 Naive B cells undergo homeostatic proliferation in response to B cell deficit. J. Immunol. 169 : 6795-805.
12. 2002 BCR engagment induces Fas-resistance in primary B cells in the absence of functional BTK J.Immunol.168: 2712-2719.
13. 2001 Xid mice revel the interplay of homeostsis and BTK-mediated selection at multiple stages of B cell development. Int. Immunol. 13 :1501-1514
14. 2000 Antiviral T cell-independent type 2 antibody responses in vivo in the absence of T and NK cells. Virology. 280:160-168.
15. 2000 B cell production and turnover in CBA/Ca, CBA/N and CBA/N-bcl-2 transgenic mice: xid-mediated failure among pre B cells is unaltered by bcl-2 overexpression. Curr.Top.In Micrbio.and Immunol. 252 : 31-38.
16. 1996 Regulation of B cell survival in xid mice by the protooncogene bcl-2 J. Immunol.156: 2143-2154.
17. 1995 Progression of a vesicular stomatitis virus infection in primary B lymphocytes is restricted at multiple levels during B cell activation. J. Immunol. 155: 2533-2544.
18. 1995 Radiationinduced apoptosis is differentially regulated in primary B cells from normal mice and mice with the CBA/N Xlinked immune defect. J. Immunol. 155: 3453-3463.

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