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1. 2008 Eukaryotic elongation factor 1A2 cooperates with phosphatidylinositol-4 kinase III beta to stimulate production of filopodia through increased phosphatidylinositol-4,5 bisphosphate generation Mol Cell Biol. 2008 Jul;28(14):4549-61. Epub 2008 May 12.
2. 2007 Geldanamycin anisimycins activates Rho and stimulates Rho- and ROCK-dependent actin stress fiber formation Molecular Cancer Research. 5, 933-942 (2007),
3. 2007 eEF1A2 activates Akt and stimulates Akt-dependent actin remodeling, invasion and migration Oncogene. 26, 3027-40 (2007).
4. 2007 The PGL family of P-granule-associated proteins interact and function redundantly in C. elegans germline development Genetics. 167, 645-661 (2004).
5. 2007 Expression of protein elongation factor eEF1A2 predicts favorable outcome in breast cancer, Breast Cancer Res Treat. 102, 31-41 (2007).
6. 2002 Dorsoventral patterning: a direct route from ovary to embryo Current Biology, 12, R532-R534 (2002).
7. 2001 An isoform of eIF4E, is a component of germ granules and is required for spermatogenesis in C. elegans Development, 128, 3899-3912 (2001).

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