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Start year End year Title Source Position
1. 2010 Functional Genomics of Solid Tumors for Discovery and Development of New Biologics and Biomarkers. Ontario Research Fund Co-Investigator
2. 2009 Pancreatic Cancer Genome Project and Data Coordination Centre for the International Cancer Genome Consortium Canadian Foundation for Innovation Co-Investigator
3. 2009 Pancreatic Cancer Genome Project Ontario Institute for Cancer Research P.I.
4. 2009 Cancer Genomics Program and Platform, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research Ontario Institute for Cancer Research Director
5. 2009 OICR Investigator Award Ontario Institute for Cancer Research P.I.
6. 2009 Enhanced Biobanking in Oncology: Personalizing Medicine via Genomics, Proteomics and Database Linkage in Genitouranary Cancers Ontario Research Fund Co-P.I
7. 2009 Functional genomics of solid tumors for discovery and development of new biologics and biomarkers Ontario Research Fund Co-Investigator
8. 2009 Global discovery to LOCAL health Ontario Research Fund Co-Investigator
9. 2009 POP-CURE Pfizer Inc. (USA) Co-Investigator
10. 2006 2009 Large Scale Sequencing at BCM-HGSC: The major goals of this project are to continue large scale sequencing of several mammalian genomes as well as resequencing human genes to establish a genome-wide catalog of rare variants within the population. Resequencing efforts are also directed towards tumor samples as part of the Cancer Genome Atlas Project NIH/NHGRI Co-Investigator
11. 2004 2007 Large Scale RT-PCR Clone Rescue: This project is directed at providing clones and sequenced full length open reading frames in support of the Mammalian Gene Collection goal of archiving all human and mouse genes NCI Co-Investigator
12. 2005 2006 Physical Mapping Using Short Sequence Connectors: This project aims to develop a physical mapping method using large-insert clones and the 454 Genome Sequencer 20 sequencing platform NSF PI
13. 2003 2006 Large Scale Sequencing at BCM-HGSC: The major goal of this project is to produce draft sequences of large and small genomes and extract maximal biological information from these data. Another major activity is the resequencing of human genes for studying variation as it relates to human disease has been established NIH/NHGRI Co-Investigator
14. 2001 2003 Genomic Resources for Histoplasma capsulatum: The goal of this proposal is to produce comprehensive genomic resources for the fungal pathogen Histoplasma capsulatum. NIH/NIDDK Co-Investigator
15. 1999 2003 Sequencing the Human Genome: The goal of this project is to provide fingerprint data for BAC clones covering the entire human genome in the first year; to position the fingerprint contigs onto chromosomes during years 1 & 2; and to sequence 1/3 of the genome over the first 3 years of the project, in order to contribute to the placement of 95% of the human sequence in the public domain by 2001 NIH/NHGRI Co-Investigator
16. 1998 2003 Sequencing the Mouse Genome: The goal of this project is to provide map data for the entire mouse genome, working draft sequence for half the mouse genome, and 115 Mb of finished mouse genome sequence to the mouse research community as a tool for gene discovery and annotation of the mouse genome. NIH/NHGRI PI
17. 1996 1999 Human Genome Sequence A Pilot Project: The goal of this proposal was to establish the methods and begin to sequence chromosome 7 as initial efforts towards the Human Genome Project. NIH/NHGRI PI
18. 1996 1999 Physical Mapping Component for HGP: The goal of this proposal was to provide a sequence-ready BAC and/or PAC contig map at a rate that would sustain the sequencing effort at the Washington University Genome Sequencing Center with an uninterrupted flow of well characterized clones NIH/NIAID PI
19. 1996 1997 Fourth International Workshop on Human Chromosome 5: These funds supported a workshop of International researchers with common interests in genomic intervals on human chromosome 5 to coordinate research efforts and resources. NIH/NHGRI PI
20. 1996 1993 Physical Map of Chromosome 5: The long-term objective of this proposal was to develop a high resolution, contiguous physical map of human chromosome 5. The map was constructed using several different but complementary approaches, including: natural deletion mapping; radiation hybrid mapping; multicolor fluorescence in situ hybridization; and the establishment of many overlapping segments of cloned DNA in the form of cosmid contigs NIH/NHGRI PI
21. 1993 1995 Positional Cloning of a Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Locus on Chromosome 5: The goal of this proposal was to generate new polymorphic markers within an interval linked to a recessive form of LGMD to further narrow the region and then to identify and characterize genes in a minimal interval. Muscular Dystrophy Association Research PI

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