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Pre/Non Reviewed Papers, Proceedings

Year Title Authors
1. 2004 Automated Left Ventricular Cardiac MRI Segmentation, Quantification and Visualisation using a Radial-Ray Approach
2. 2003 Stochastic and strain-weighted simulations of cancellous bone remodelling: simulation rules and parameters
3. 2002 Histomorphometric Algorithms for the Direct Derivation of Morphological Indices of Simulations of Strain-Adaptation in Cancellous Bone
4. 2001 Tessellation and contour extraction algorithms for rapid prototyping replication of 3D micro-CT reconstructions of cancellous bone
5. 2000 Computer simulation and modelling of cancellous bone pathophysiology
6. 2000 Modelling the effect of osteoporosis on the structural integrity of cancellous bone
7. 2000 Smoothing of bone structures produced by a stochastic simulation of anabolic therapies and the effect on the bone’s structural properties
8. 1997 The in-vitro measurement of ultrasound in cancellous bone
9. 1997 Definition consensus workshop for the ultrasonic assessment of bone
10. 1997 EC Biomed 1 concerted action "Assessment of bone quality in osteoporosis" clinical consensus workshop
11. 1993 Ultrasound assessment of hip fractures; Fractures of the upper end of the femur
12. 1993 the potential of polymeric materials and components for recycling and reclamation
13. 1993 Ultrasonic velocity and attenuation; In vivo assessment of bone quality by vibration and wave propagation techniques III
14. 1992 The use of broadband ultrasonic attenuation and lumbar spine bone mineral density measurements to evaluate fracture risk in a community
15. 1991 Proc. Ultrasonic Assessment of Bone
16. 1990 Ultrasonic, elastic and architectural properties of cancellous bone
17. 1987 Ultrasonic measurement of bone density in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis
18. 1987 A comparison of single photon absorptiometry and broadband ultrasonic attenuation: Past, present and future;
19. 1987 Critical analysis of the ultrasonic interrogation of bone and future developments
20. 1987 Broadband ultrasonic attenuation in sedentary and active young male adults

3D Tissue Models
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