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Membership in Professional Societies

Professional association Start year End year Title Comments
1. Founder of GenePOC Inc. 2008
2. President Canadian Foundation Louis Pasteur. 1999 2003
3. President of the council of Infectio Diagnostic (IDI) Inc. 1995 2000
4. Chairman of the board of the Canadian Foundation of Infectious Diseases 1991 1999
5. Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation (CSCI). 1996 1997
6. Inter-American Society of Chemotherapy (IASC). 1995 1997
7. Founder of Infectio Diagnostic (IDI) Inc 1995
8. Co-founder of the Canadian Foundation of Infectious Diseases. 1993
9. Co-founder, Canadian Association for HIV research 1992
10. Canadian Association of Medical Microbiologists (CAMM). 1988 1990
11. Co-founder, Inter-American Society of Chemotherapy. 1983
12. Canadian Infectious Diseases Society (CIDS). 1980 1982
13. Canadian Infectious Diseases Society (CIDS) 1975 Co-founder and first secretary
14. Centre hospitalier de l Universite Laval, now the Infectious Diseases Research Center of Laval University. 1974 Founder of the Laboratoire et Service d'infectiologie
15. Founder of the Quebec Academy Association of Musicians. 1962

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