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Grant Support

Start year End year Title Source Position
1. 2010 2010 16S rDNA FISH-based FACS Purification of Unculturable Bacteria for Whole Genome Amplification and Sequencing. Pennsylvania State Tobacco Fund Principal Investigator
2. 2009 2010 Supplement to Molecular Analysis of Pathogens in Otitis Media by PCR for Construction, Hybridization and Analysis of NTHi Distributed Genome Chips to statisitically identify OME-related virulence genes NIH-NIDCD Principal Investigator
3. 2008 2010 Effect of Immunity on Viral Evolution DARPA FUNBio Program Subcontract Principal Investigator
4. 2007 2010 Massively Parallel Microbial DNA Sequence Analysis Pittsburgh Super Computing Center Principal Investigator
5. 2006 2010 Anti-biofilm surfaces. Bayer Corporation Principal Investigator
6. 2004 2010 Molecular Analysis of Pathogens in Otitis Media NIH-NIDCD Principal Investigator
7. 2009 Novel biofilm polymicrobial infection-resistant implants for otologic application. NIAID SBIR Principal Investigator
8. 2009 MAPP Research Network. NIH/NIDDK Principal Investigator, ASRI subcontract
9. 2009 Comprehensive Infectious Disease Agent Molecular Diagnostic Testing US Army MEDCOM AISR Co-principal investigator
10. 2009 Impact of Antibiotics and Vaccines on the in vivo Evolution of S. pneumoniae. NIH/NIAID Principal Investigator
11. 2009 The Role of Novel Organisms in Acute Endometritis NIH/NICHD Principal Investigator
12. 2008 2009 Health Care and Other Facilities – Equipment grant. DHHS – HRSA Principal Investigator
13. 2008 2009 Clinical Trials Support for the T-5000 Biosensor. Ibis Biosciences Principal Investigator
14. 2005 2009 Luanne Hall-Stoodley PI Department of Education. PI (Co-investigator)
15. 2003 2009 The Role of Biofilms in the Pathogenesis of Otorrhea NIH-NIDCD Principal Investigator
16. 2003 2009 Pneumococcal Biofilms in Otitis Media NIH/NIDCD Co-Principal Investigator
17. 2008 Genetic Susceptibility to Papilloma-induced Voice Disturbance. NIH-NIDCD PI(Co-investigator)
18. 2006 2008 Development of a treatment procedure to clear persistent biofilm-based infections in joint replacement patients by using the bioelectric effect. Zimmer Corporation Principal Investigator
19. 2006 2008 Gene expression in CD4+ lymphocytes from Multiple Sclerosis patients undergoing b–Interferon therapy The Pittsburgh Foundation Co-investigator
20. 2006 2008 United States Air Force. 311th Flight Wing US Department of Defense Principal Investigator
21. 2004 2008 Construction and Equipment HRSA Principal Investigator
22. 2003 2008 Genetics of Papilloma-induced Voice Disturbance NIH-NIDCD Mentor
23. 2003 2008 Molecular Analysis of Scarless Fetal Wound Healing NIH/NIDCR Mentor
24. 2007 Scarless Wound Healing Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative PI (Co-investigator)
25. 2005 2007 Homozygosity Mapping of Oculo-oto-facial Dysplasia NIH-NIDCR Principal Investigator
26. 2005 2006 Gene Expression in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells from Multiple Sclerosis Patients undergoing ß-interferon Therapy. The Pittsburgh Foundation. PI (Co-investigator).
27. 2005 2006 Proteomics and Adult Stem Cell Facilities HRSA Development Principal Investigator
28. 2005 2006 Proteomics and Adult Stem Cell Facilities HRSA Development Principal Investigator
29. 2004 2006 OMFS Foundation OMFS Foundation Mentor
30. 2003 2006 Pneumococcal Biofilms in Otitis Media , Minority Scientist NIH/NIDCD Principal Investigator
31. 2002 2006 National Science Foundation National Science Foundation Co-investigator
32. 2000 2006 Molecular Genetics of a Syndrome with Hearing Impairment NIH-NIDCD Co-Investigator
33. 2005 The Effect of Montelukast Treatment in the Chinchilla Model of Otitis Media Merck – SINGULAIR Medical School Grant Principal Investigator
34. 2003 2005 Molecular Analyses of Bacterial Biofilms associated with Osteomyelitis following Total Joint Replacement. Allegheny Orthopedic Associates Principal Investigator
35. 2000 2005 The Genetics of Gastroesophageal Reflux NIH-NIDCD- Principal Investigator
36. 2003 2004 Minority Supplement to: The Genetics of Gastroesophageal Reflux NIH-NIDCD Principal Investigator
37. 2003 2004 Genomic Automation and Enhancement of Bio-Imaging at the Center for Genomic Sciences DHHS/HRSA Principal Investigator
38. 2002 2004 Comparative Gene Expression of Cytokines in Treated and Untreated Patients with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Biogen Co-Principal Investigator
39. 1993 2004 Molecular Analysis of Pathogens in Otitis Media NIH NIDCD Principal Investigator
40. 2002 2003 Comparative Gene Expression of Calvarial Sutures in a Chimeric Human Osteoblast/ Nude Rat Model Motorola Principal Investigator
41. 2002 2003 Henry C. Frick Educational Fund of the Buhl Foundation The Buhl Foundation Sponsor
42. 2000 2003 Molecular Diagnostics for Clinical Trials Pfizer Principal Investigator
43. 2000 2003 The Role of Biofilms in the Pathogenesis of Otorrhea NIH-NIDCD Principal Investigator
44. 1995 2000 Alcohol and altered regulation of pancreatic secretion, NIH NIDDK Co-Principal Investigator
45. 1994 2000 Genetic mapping of a syndrome with hearing impairment NIH, NIDCD Preceptor and Consultant
46. 1996 1999 Molecular Analyses of Autopsy Specimens from SIDS and Control Infants to Ascertain Middle-Ear Infection NIH Principal Investigator
47. 1994 1999 AIDS Training Grant NIH, NIAID Co-Investigator
48. 1997 1998 Genetic linkage of inflammatory bowel disease Crohn s and Colitis Foundation of America Co-Principal Investigator
49. 1997 1998 Clinical, Biochemical and Molecular Genetic Characterization of Persons and Families with Vesicoureteral Reflux National Kidney Foundation Mentor
50. 1996 1998 Loribid Trial - PCR for URVI Eli Lily
51. 1996 1998 Genetic linkage in patients with Hereditary Pancreatitis NIH, NIDDK Co-Principal Investigator
52. 1995 1998 Characterization of HIV in sexual transmission NIH, NIAID Co-Investigator
53. 1995 1997 Microsatellite Mapping of Saethre-Chotzen Syndrome NIH Principal Investigator
54. 1995 1996 Investigation of Mycoplasma pneumoniae as an Etiology of Recurrent Throat Infection in Children Children s Hospital of Pittsburgh Principal Investigator
55. 1991 1996 Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Clinical Molecular Diagnostics Principal Investigator
56. 1990 1996 Pathology Education and Research Foundation Pathology Education and Research Foundation Principal Investigator
57. 1994 1995 The molecular characterization of mutations and co-infections in juvenile laryngeal papillomas Triological Society Preceptor
58. 1994 1995 PCR analysis of pediatric blood specimens for evidence of S. pneumoniae bacteremia General Clinical Research Center, Children s Hospital of Pittsburgh Principal Investigator
59. 1994 1995 The molecular biology of tissue injury and wound healing in sub glottic stenosis Triological Society Co-Investigator
60. 1990 1995 Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study National Institute of Health, NIAID Principal Investigator
61. 1993 1994 Development of a multiplex PCR-based assay to detect respiratory viruses associated with otitis media The Deafness Research Foundation Co-Principal Investigators
62. 1993 1994 RT-PCR analysis of nasal secretions for individuals challenged with influenzae virus infection General Clinical Research Center, Children s Hospital Principal Investigator
63. 1993 1994 Analysis of the Chinchilla laniger animal model of OME for PCR-based detection of H. influenzae. Pathology Education and Research Foundation Principal Investigator
64. 1992 1994 PCR Detection of Gram Negative Bacteremia and Antiviral Susceptibility testing of HIV-1 Kodak Corporation Principal Investigator
65. 1992 1994 Comparative Analyses of PCR-Based Clinical Diagnostic Assays Kodak Corporation Principal Investigator
66. 1992 1993 Bacterial Detection in Middle-Ear Effusions Using the Polymerase Chain Reaction The Pennsylvania Lions Hearing Research Foundation Co-Principal Investigators
67. 1992 1993 The American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Foundation -Academy Research Training Award Preceptor
68. 1992 1993 Development of an automatable single stranded sequence capture technique using magnetic bead separation Department of Pathology, Chairman s Discretionary Fund Principal Investigator
69. 1991 1993 TCRβ usage in T lymphocytes isolated from the CSF of Schizophrenic patients. Stanley Foundation Research Awards Program Co-Investigator
70. 1992 1992 Development of HCV Diagnostic Assays. Blood Science Foundation Principal Investigator
71. 1992 1992 Study of infectious organisms by rDNA PCR General Clinical Research Center, University of Pittsburgh Co-Principal Investigator
72. 1991 1992 PCR-based detection of unculturable microorganisms in otitis media. Children s Hospital of Pittsburgh. New Research Project Fund. Principal Investigator
73. 1991 1992 Otitis Media Research Center Otitis Media Research Center Co-Principal Investigator
74. 1991 1992 Sequence capture of PCR amplimers using a multiplex cyanine dye detection methodology. Joint Development Fund Principal Investigator
75. 1989 1992 National Heart Lung and Blood Institute National Heart Lung and Blood Institute Co-Investigator
76. 1991 1991 Pathology Education and Research Foundation Pathology Education and Research Foundation Principal Investigator
77. 1989 1991 PCR-Based analyses for HTLV-I in MS National Multiple Sclerosis Society Principal Investigator
78. 1988 1991 Development and evaluation of new screening tests for human retroviruses. National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Principal Investigator
79. 1988 1989 Endowment for the Neurosciences Endowment for the Neurosciences Principal Investigator

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